Local employer Carricks Brook & Oakdown House offer positive support for staff experiencing the menopause

17th October

Staff Snug for relaxing

Oakdown House and Carricks Brook invest lots of resources into their staff team – they appreciate their staff are at the centre of providing great support, so it’s important that they look after them. Both carehomes get really great feedback from their teams and use this to further improve what they offer, so that the workplace is happy and everyone can thrive. 

“As part of this ethos both homes have recently signed a pledge to support employees going through the menopause. Until recently the menopause was a rather taboo subject but thankfully, with the help of a few celebrities, women are opening up about their experiences,” explained Sue Fletcher, Spokesperson.

According to the Wellbeing of Women website nearly half of the UK workforce are women but around 900,000 have quit their jobs because of the menopause. Women should be able to expect to be supported through what can be a really tricky time and Oakdown House and Carricks Brook are determined to support their staff. 

So, what are they doing in these homes as part of the Menopause Workplace Pledge’? HR Manager Charlotte Cialfi at Oakdown House explains:

“Our campaign starts with conversations and raising awareness. Simple posters have been put up in appropriate places containing information about the signs and symptoms of the Menopause but the posters also encourage staff to speak openly about themselves, how they are feeling and whether they need support.” 

Symptoms vary from person to person but can include hot flushes, night sweats, low moods, anxiety, difficulty sleeping, memory problems and many more. Supporting women with these symptoms include providing sanitary products, having access to fans, free drinks, taking a break outside or in the Oakdown new ‘staff snug’. There is access to paracetamol from the managers office should staff need it. The management team can also adjust working hours should the symptoms be extreme for an individual. Staff at Oakdown and Carricks don’t wear uniforms, this is so that residents feel that staff are part of their family, and for women suffering uncomfortable symptoms this at least means they can wear their own comfortable clothes. “

World Menopause Day is on 18th October 2022. With positive support, women at work should be able to continue their career as long as they wish to. Their advice is don’t keep your feelings to yourself, share your situation and you’ll find you are not alone and that you will be supported.