Hospice in the Weald celebrate its first children’s christmas party

Sensory fun and music were among a host of activities enjoyed by children and families as Hospice in the Weald for Children hosted its very first Christmas party. The special event offered children with life-limiting and life-threatening illnesses, supported by the Hospice, the rare opportunity to participate in Christmas festivities specially designed for them. The... Read more

14th December

Best value way to buy a turkey this Christmas

Every year at this time the NFU’s #BuyMyTurkey Day pops up, families are encouraged to buy British, buy local and buy a whole turkey this Christmas to get the best value for their money. Turkey producers across the country are taking to social media to show off their farm fresh turkeys and urge the public... Read more

18th November

Master of Wine, Michael Palij comes to Heathfield to host a special Italian fine wine tasting at Cuculo Cheese & Wine

An exclusive wine event in Heathfield This Saturday will be a very special opportunity for lovers of fine wine. When, one of the world’s few Masters Of Wine, Michael Palij will be hosting a special tasting at Cuculo, High Street, Heathfield, East Sussex to showcase wines coming from a fascinating selection of Italy’s most famous... Read more

8th November

Lightning Fibre bring back the icy fun to Eastbourne in December

Back for another year – Get your skates on as Feastival Events present Lightning Fibre’s Ice Rink, which returns even bigger and better than before! The rink will be open every day (except Christmas Day). It is a fully covered real ice rink, and will be situated outside of the Enterprise Centre and Eastbourne Railway Station with ample parking... Read more

2nd November

Treatment of the month – what can you do to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, advice from Karen Kelly

As we age the skin naturally loses volume and elasticity, leading to the formation of folds and sagging. Commonly these will be in the most expressive parts of your face; around the nose and mouth. This loss of volume is due to diminishing Hyaluronic acid and Collagen. At Radiant, the clinic can offer a range... Read more

26th October

Heathfield’s popular French style market is back this Bank Holiday Monday!

Bank Holiday Monday 28 August 2023 Heathfield’s famous Anglo/French market Le Marché is taking place on August Bank Holiday Monday – as it has done for the past 26 years – it is the longest running Anglo/French market in the whole of the South East. This fantastic all day event draws visitors into the town... Read more

24th August

The story behind Baby Bank Hellingly – by founder Nicola Walker

In 2016 I finished full time work and decided that not keeping busy wasn’t an option for me.  I resolved that every year I would start a new ‘volunteering’ challenge, and this is what I did.  I ran a volunteer befriending team, helped set up a volunteer centre, redesigned and fitted a charity shop and... Read more

3rd August

Families share how Hospice in the Weald for Children is bringing much needed support

Families share how Hospice in the Weald for Children is bringing much needed support This Children’s Hospice Week (19th-25th June), local families of children with life-limiting and life-threatening conditions are sharing how Hospice in the Weald for Children is making a difference to their lives. Known for providing outstanding care for terminally ill adults and... Read more

23rd June

Need help finding and funding later life care?    

Across the UK today 5.7 million people are carers* Looking after someone can be rewarding, but it can also make life challenging, both emotionally and financially. Here, Cranwell Wealth Solutions of Heathfield share some considerations.   Check entitlements: Most people who own a home or have some savings are required to self-fund their care, so many... Read more

13th June

Heathfield Community College celebrates a wider curriculum day exploring career and further education options

All of Year 10 were fantastically engaged this week during their Wider Curriculum Day which marks the launch of their focussed support on progression paths after Year 11. The day was split into two parts: travelling to Eastbourne Sports Park for https://www.bigfuturesshow.org.uk/ The Big Futures Careers Fair, which is the largest employability, skills and job... Read more

2nd May

Why men should think about a career in care – we spoke to Sue Fletcher from Oakdown House to find out more

We spoke to Sue Fletcher, Oakdown House – a care home for adults with challenging learning and physical disabilities, about the opportunities for male carers at Oakdown and their sister home Carricks Brook. She is keen to see more men coming into caring as she explained below: “Statistically there are a lot less men working... Read more

1st May

Spotting the signs of arthritis in cats

Arthritis is a chronic condition caused when the normal joint tissues degenerate (or wear away), leading to pain and ongoing damage. Arthritis commonly develops in middle age, with older cats more likely to demonstrate signs of arthritis. Arthritis in our pets is sadly very common. Around 40% of all cats will show signs of arthritis... Read more

27th April

Be ‘deer aware’ this Spring

With frequent reports of deer collisions around Heathfield, it can’t surprise drivers in East Sussex that they are being asked to be ‘deer aware’ this spring as part of a campaign to avoid colliding with the animals on the county’s roads. With an estimated 74,000 deer-related traffic collisions in the UK every year, East Sussex... Read more

14th April

When certain catalysts occur in life, they can really change your direction.

Meet Sam Collins of Cranwell Wealth Solutions. He talks about family life and offers some financial tips for all. Cranwell Wealth Solutions, a local wealth advising practice based on the high street in Heathfield, is delighted to announce a new appointment to the team. Sam Collins recently joined the business as a Financial Planner. Here... Read more

16th February

Could acupuncture help your animal or pet?

Dόnal O’Leary of Fairfield House Veterinary Surgery has been performing acupuncture on a variety of patients for 20 years with great success. Acupuncture is a safe, effective and drug-free alternative or additional treatment for a variety of conditions in animals. By promoting natural healing processes, reducing pain and inflammation and improving overall well being, acupuncture... Read more

24th January

Could volunteering for Hospice in the Weald put a spring in your step?

Hospice in the Weald has launched a volunteer’s appeal for 2023 in a bid to help the community and beat the January Blues. Jemma Clements, Head of Personnel at Hospice in the Weald is appealing to those who are thinking about committing to a New Year’s resolution to become a volunteer. “Our volunteers are a... Read more

22nd January

Bonus Family? Why a blended family needs a will

It is increasingly common for couples to marry while one or both have children from a previous relationship, and the couple may then go on to have children of their own. The Swedish drama on Netflix Bonus Family provides a light-hearted exploration of the complexities of joining two families together, highlighting the emotional and logistical challenges. All... Read more

12th January

The story of Heathfield’s gas works

It was incredible to read this week about the breakthrough nuclear fusion experiment which could revolutionise the world’s supply of energy in the future. Ironic too, as the offices of The Heathfield News had only recently received a communication from the Grandson of Charlie Harrison who was Warden of the Heathfield Gas Works because over a... Read more

15th December

Beautiful, useful and planet friendly gifts made in England

The English Soap Company has launched a new range of beautiful gift boxes just in time for Christmas gifting. The Kew Gardens Essential Hand Care Set each include a trio of items to cleanse, moisturise and protect. There are eight fragrances to choose from including Bergamot and Ginger, Jasmine Peach; Bluebell and Jasmine; Lavender and... Read more

8th December

Coping with grief – the first Christmas and beyond 

We are quickly approaching that time of year when TV adverts portray a sparkling, family-orientated, food-obsessed holiday. For many of those who recognise Christmas or other celebrations in December, it can be the ‘most wonderful time of the year’; for those who have been bereaved since the previous Christmas, it can be a truly challenging... Read more

4th December

Twelve ideas for Christmas from Cuculo!

Cuculo is brimming with gift ideas for the festive season. This year they are making it easy for you, so James & Cinzia have trawled the shelves to pick out some of the best gift ideas for lovers of food and wine. There is everything from chocolate Santas to fine wines and something for every... Read more

30th November

Repair Café team delights customers

At the last session of the Repair Café Heathfield and Horam on 12 November there was an interesting array of broken items, most of which the team managed to fix. Among them was a Steepletone record player for a local resident who loves collecting 78s vinyl records. She confessed that she now owns well over... Read more

24th November

Round-the-clock care from Uckfield Vets

For animal owners needing the reassurance of a local vet, then Uckfield Vets at Fairfield House could be the ideal choice. The practice offers a 24-hour service, using its own staff at its own premises. This ensures that the vet dealing with your animal has access to your animal’s records, which can be vital in... Read more

27th October

Local employer Carricks Brook & Oakdown House offer positive support for staff experiencing the menopause

Oakdown House and Carricks Brook invest lots of resources into their staff team – they appreciate their staff are at the centre of providing great support, so it’s important that they look after them. Both carehomes get really great feedback from their teams and use this to further improve what they offer, so that the... Read more

17th October

Protecting your business from the unexpected

Most people will insure what they consider to be the essentials, their car, their phone, their holiday, their home. However, surprisingly few business owners will apply the same logic to their company and fail to take out the protections necessary to guard against the worst happening. Stephen Palmer of Cranwell Wealth Solutions discusses the right... Read more

16th August

A love affair with the art of repair – how a trend in upcycling is great news for Hospice in the Weald (and the planet)

It’s official! Recycled furniture is having a moment in the interior design world. Vintage pieces that might have been thrown in the skip are being snapped up and transformed into something beautiful. After years of buying cheap throwaway furniture, is it time we all had a change of heart? A key change driving ‘upcycling’ is... Read more

3rd August

Could you be jeopardising your financial goals with a short-term focus?

Short-termism is something that’s hard-wired into our DNA, and we can be constantly guilty of it, in many areas of our lives. This was perfectly demonstrated back in the early 1970s with The Stanford Marshmallow Experiment which involved placing subjects – children aged 3-5 – alone in a room and presenting them with a simple... Read more

26th July

New team offers vital eye services to Heathfield area

Heathfield practice Pople & Broad has fast become the ‘eye GP’ for the area dealing with numerous emergencies as well as trying to meet the huge demand for NHS eye services. Since the new team took over in March 2022 there has been over £100,000 invested in state-of-the-art machinery and improvements such as air conditioning.... Read more

21st July

What Her Majesty the Queen can teach us about retirement

At the age of 96 The Queen will be the first British monarch to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee. After 70 years of service, she continues to work, although the number of public appearances she makes has reduced. Stephen Palmer of Cranwell Wealth Solutions explores how the Queen’s story is indicative of today’s older generations. For... Read more

27th June

Melina Joy Opticians launches the new, revolutionary Adlens system.

Have you ever craved a pair of glasses that can allow you to effortlessly switch between three different focal zones? If the answer is yes then Adlens could be the breakthough in eyewear you have been seeking. Melina, Founder of Melina Joy Opticians, describes them as a “gamechanger, they are working very well in practice... Read more

9th June

Did you take part in 1950s dialect survey?

snork – neighspeckles – frecklessquall – screamflintermouse – bat Maybe if you’re not from round these parts you will recognisemash/mass/soak/scald/brew – tea polly-wag/pot-noddles/penny-wagtails/bull-head – tadpoles Horam Village Hall is excited be working with Dialect and Heritage Project, a National Lottery fundedproject based at the Leeds Archive of Vernacular Culture with five partner museums across the... Read more

21st May

A rich history and a regenerative future at Furnace Brook

We are fortunate to live in a particularly beautiful and tranquil part of Sussex.  It is a surprise for many of our visitors to find out the depth of human history within the High Weald and discover how during a period around four centuries ago Furnace Brook was anything but peaceful and tranquil. Today, the... Read more

5th May

Why higher taxes makes pension and ISA planning crucial

As Britons face exponentially high tax bills, Stephen Palmer of Cranwell Wealth Solutions explains why it is more important than ever that financial plans involve both pensions and ISAs to maximise available allowances. With individuals facing a significant tax burden for the next few years, savers may need to invest more to achieve their financial... Read more

22nd April

Make or break! Talented local ballet dancer appeals for help.

Burwash based, George Stevens is a pre-professional elite ballet pupil at White Lodge, The Royal Ballet School.  This fiercely competititive ballet school is where future stars are born. Only 15 boys a year are accepted to this world famous school, and whilst studying there he has danced in Royal Ballet Company productions, The Nutcracker, Sleeping... Read more

13th April

Bow bells mile markers explained

If you’ve ever walked or driven along the A271 through Horsebridge you might have seen this interesting ‘Bow Bells’ mile post marker on the north side of the road on the river bridge near to the Flour Mill. Made of locally produced iron and Grade 2 listed, it’s one of a series along the C18th... Read more

24th March

The importance of setting and planning your personal goals

Stephen Palmer of Cranwell Wealth Solutions discusses setting your personal goals and how to achieve them. What do you see when you think of your future? Will you be living in East Sussex or the Seychelles? Will you retire early or run a thriving business? Having clear goals in your head is one thing, visualising... Read more

16th March

Use it or lose it: How tax allowances can help future-proof the finances of those in their 20s and 30s

Stephen Palmer of Cranwell Wealth Solutions reviews how to make the best of your tax allowances. When you’re setting goals for the future, it can be hard to find a path from where you are now to where you want to be, but the biggest steps taken in life often begin with small steps in... Read more

16th February

Shop well at Heathfield & Waldron markets

Shop Well at Heathfield & Waldron Markets Over the past year, farmers’ markets and antique/craft fairs have grown in popularity across Wealden as people re-discover this timeless way of shopping.   Here, we are fortunate to have two local markets: Heathfield Farmers’ Market on the third Saturday of every month; and Waldron Community Market on... Read more

15th February

Love Heathfield – all you need for Valentine’s on the High Street

All you need for Valentine’s on the High Street. A host of Valentine’s Ideas for gifts and dining Heathfield town centre is brimming with independent shops offering a wide range of goods and services. When it comes to Valentine’s Day gift ideas you need look no further. We have trawled the shops to find our... Read more

2nd February

A boost to community morale

At 8pm on Sunday 12th December2021, Boris Johnson addressed the nation.  …“I am afraid we are now facing an emergency in our battle with the new variant, Omicron. … Today we are launching the Omicron Emergency Boost, a national mission unlike anything we have done before in the vaccination programme…. Everyone eligible aged 18 and... Read more

10th January

Looking for the perfect gifts for a foodie? Cuculo has plenty to choose from.

You will find gifts for a foodie at Cuculo Cheese & Wine on the High St, Heathfield, East Sussex. The place to buy gifts for those hard to please people who love food and wine. The store is open every day from now until Christmas Eve. Call 01435 862596 for advice or to place an... Read more

19th December

Last minute Christmas gift shopping made easy and fun

Unless you are super organised, there are always a few last-minute gifts to buy in the run up to Christmas – the neighbour who has been brilliant this year, the dog walker and a friend who deserves a little treat. Here are ten interesting and memorable gift ideas ranging from £8.50 to £45.00. They are... Read more

16th December

All you need to know about ethical vitamins.

Our health is top of mind for many of us, and keeping healthy in the Winter months has taken on a whole new significance in light of the pandemic. Supplements and healthy eating are two ways to look after your welbeing. When it comes to vitamins they are not all created equal. This informative chart... Read more

25th November

Shop local to save the planet.

People, Planet and Mindful Shopping If lockdown taught us one thing it was how lucky we are in the Heathfield area to have so many wonderful independent shops and services. When you couldn’t get a delivery from your usual supermarket, it was the local traders and volunteer services who took to their vans, electric bikes... Read more

14th November

Furnace Brook: a Fishery with a mission

It’s autumn – a time of mists, mellow fruitfulness here at Furnace Brook near Cowbeech.  Glistening frosty dew settles on the grass and you inhale the crisp fresh morning air. As the golden sun rays emerge from between the trees and reflect upon the tranquil lake in front of you, you in turn take time... Read more

28th October

Need help with your will and estate planning? Keyte Legal can help.

Will writing and estate planning are sensitive areas of the law and require careful handling. A specialist company established in this area is Keyte Legal – located in Heathfield, it is a family run and female led business headed up by MD Eloise Keyte. The business is just over two years old and has gone... Read more

25th August

Finding a job that works for parents

Having children is fantastic but sometimes it does feel as though having a family and a career is nearly impossible. The challenge of finding a job that works with being a parent can often seem insurmountable. The great thing about a career in care is that there are hundreds of avenues to follow. And from... Read more

17th August

When do you need a financial adviser?

Financial advice is something we all need at one point or another, but are we really using the advice of financial experts to the full? With today’s complex family set ups, the huge rise in small businesses entrepreneurs and the longer life expectancy many of us enjoy, the role of a financial planner has become... Read more

19th July

Kay & Pascoe LLP celebrate 10 years of family law in Heathfield

Kay & Pascoe LLP are celebrating 10 years in business in Heathfield this year. The office opened for business in September 2011.  It was started by husband and wife team John and Sharon Kay who are partners in the business.   Back in April 2013 they were joined by Lee Pascoe following a merger with Chappell... Read more

29th June

A good friend, kind and trustworthy – New research reveals how Brits in the Southeast would like to be remembered

The last year has been a difficult one for all of us, with the changing world brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic encouraging many of us to reassess our own personal circumstances and change our outlook on life. New research released by CPJ Field – the UK’s oldest funeral directors and 10th generation family run business... Read more

24th June