Ashburnham is so named for the country house Ashburnham Place whose name derived from a local stream named the Ashbourne. Ashburnham Place has since been turned into a Christian conference and prayer centre offering a restful retreat and the chance... Read more

13th December

Bodle Street

Bodle Street Green is a lovely tranquil village with stunning views across the surrounding valleys. It had always been a quiet village until the iron industry took off  in East Sussex, when it found itself as the throughway between the... Read more

29th December

Boreham Street

Boreham Street is a very pretty village made up of listed buildings with lovely views over the Pevensey Levels towards Norman’s Bay on one side and open farmland on the other. Its church dates back to the 13th Century and... Read more

4th December

Broad Oak

Broad Oak is a small Norman village which was home to the famous boxer Frank Bruno during his childhood. In its church resides a wood carving of Madonna which was created by Clare Sherida, the cousin of Winston Churchill. She... Read more

4th December


Burwash is a beautiful historic village composed of lovely medieval buildings. It was a high spot for smuggling during the 18th and 19th centuries and several smugglers were buried in St Bartholomew’s churchyard. It also features the ancient Dallington Forest... Read more

13th December

Burwash Weald

Sitting just two miles from Burwash is Burwash Weald, a small village which served for a long time as a service area on one of the main routes between the south east, south and south west of the country.  This... Read more

13th December

Cade Street

Cade Street is part of the town  of Heathfield which hosts a dark past. In 1415 discontent was rife throughout the country so Jack Cade decided to take a stand. He roused the men of Kent "to correct public abuses... Read more

29th December


Chiddingly seems like a very peaceful village but it has a lively social life. Once a year Chiddingly Horticultural Society holds a local flower show with various competitions for all the ages which is always highly popular. Chiddingly also holds... Read more

13th December

Cross in Hand

Cross In Hand has been in possession of an old post windmill named ‘The New Mill’ since 1868, however it was in fact built in Framfield in 1855 and moved to Cross in Hand within the year. It was then... Read more

4th December


The small village of Dallington features a stunning Grade II listed church with a crenellated tower and a rare spire that dates back to the early 16th century. The spire is special as it is tiled in stone - a... Read more

4th December

Five Ashes

Five Ashes is so named for the five ash trees which feature in this rural village and has been home to two different men with government and royal connections. Sir Austen Chamberlain was a British Statesman who held the post... Read more

13th December


Heathfield is a lively town in East Sussex with annual events such as the Cuckoo Fair, the Heathfield Show and Le... Read more

25th October


Home to actor and music executive Peter Grant for many years, Hellingly is now also his burial site following a funeral in the parish church in 1995. Grant lived at Horselunge’s Manor which was used for the opening scene of... Read more

13th December


This Sussex village is most famous for its castle and grounds which sit on a 600 acre estate containing woodland, formal themed gardens and a moated castle built in the 15th Century. The castle is one of the earliest red... Read more

13th December


Horam is ideally located for a ride along the Cuckoo trail or a visit to the Hidden Springs Vineyard or the golf club.... Read more

24th November


Mayfield is famous for the legend of St Dustan, a blacksmith who worked in the village. According to legend, the Devil visited Dunstan disguised as a beautiful woman, planning to lead him... Read more

4th December

Maynards Green

Maynards Green is a small community village with its own primary school. Its local church was founded in 1863 but has since been converted into a family home leaving the village bereft of a place of worship. The village was... Read more

29th December


Netherfield is a small, remote village, however on the 4th October 1940 it was very exciting. That night a Hienkel HE 111 h-2 bomber crashed in the quiet village. The whole crew was killed on impact except one member who... Read more

4th December

Old Heathfield

Old Heathfield is a small village that resides alongside the growing market town of  of Heathfield. Its local pub, The Star Inn, was originally built to serve as an alehouse for the stonemasons that were engaged in building the Norman... Read more

4th December

Punnetts Town

Punnetts Town is a small village with some very brave and determined locals. At just 19 years of age Ben Johnson, a member of the Green Goddess fire crew and a soldier in the Princess of Wales’ Regiment, was awarded... Read more

4th December

Rushlake Green

Rushlake Green is a thriving village with an amateur dramatic society that perform several times a year to a full audience.... Read more

4th December

Three Cups

... Read more

4th December


Waldron is in an incredibly beautiful spot of East Sussex, it’s surrounded by lots of beautiful woodland, stunning landscapes and fascinating working farms and Medieval... Read more

4th December