Brightling woman launches #HotCroissantBun Easter adventure

24th March

Lorne Magill, founder of Breakfast Drop

Lorne Magill, who grew up locally in Brightling, has created an experience to get people trying something new this Easter. She has produced a step-by-step guide on how to make Hot Croissant Buns and is making it free and available to everyone via the Breakfast Drop website.

Lorne noticed that it is very difficult to get your hands on a decent croissant if you do not live close to a bakery.

Download the recipe here for FREE

“The first step of the journey to frozen croissants was learning how to make croissants!!! I found the process very rewarding, and the results of the first attempt were much better than sad dry supermarket croissants. I decided to start spreading croissant energy and good vibes to other people with immediate effect.. So the #HotCroissantBun Easter adventure idea was born! It’s a great way of achieving something new (and delicious) in another lockdown Easter and also connecting with people you can’t see this Easter weekend through the Whatsapp groups,” explained Lorne, founder of Breakfast Drop.

Delicious fresh baked croissants from Breakfast Drop

Buy a kit and join the baking community

There are a limited number of DIY kits for £25 with all the ingredients needed to make the buns.  If you purchase the kit, you will be in a group with other bakers where you can bake along together. On the group you can share progress updates and also receive croissant coaching from Lorne and her aunt Sorrel as you bake. The results, six delicious Hot Croissant buns and six classic croissants. Lorne is very confident in her process after recipe testing with groups for the last five weeks with every single baker being amazed with their results. In the lead up to Easter weekend, Lorne and her family will be hand delivering the DIY kits in Sussex. 

Lorne went to school at Dallington, Vinehall and Mayfield. She has always worked in food – at school she worked with local event catering companies and pubs and restaurants. She also started a little waitressing company with her best friend Harriet Beeching who went to Heathfield Community College. They were often called upon to cater for friends and family parties in Brightling and around. You might have met them in sponsors’ tent at the Heathfield Show where Lorne works every year to help out her mother Nicola Magill. Most recently she has worked for five years at a successful food tech start up called City Pantry which has taught her what it takes to take a business to the next level of growth.

Breakfast Drop was set up in February of this year after Lorne left her job at City Pantry in December with the hope of moving to Mexico to learn Spanish. Sadly she could not leave as planned due to coronavirus. So with time on her hands, she turned her longtime passion for pastries into another dream – starting her own business.  Breakfast Doordrop features an artisan, ‘cook from frozen’ croissant. They have interesting flavours and fun branding to get people excited about eating croissants at home. 

We wish Lorne well with her new enterprise and a Happy Easter.

Find out more and Kits are available to order for delivery. from Breakfast Drop.