Heathfield pupils enjoy a collision between rap and poetry

26th February

Karl Nova in action at Heathfield Community College

Just before half term the Heathfield Community College was fortunate to have a visit from Karl Nova, a Performance Poet who has written an award winning Poetry book called Rhythm and Poetry.

Karl gave a presentation to the Year 8 students providing them with a background into why he went into making rap music and then how this evolved into him writing his own poetry book.

He brought his poetry to life by performing some pieces and gave the students the chance to ask questions at the end.

After his presentations, Karl then provided workshops to a selection of Year 8 students, showing them a way to write a catchy and meaningful poem.  Everyone was incredibly impressed with the standard of writing and the students produced some thought provoking and humorous pieces.  Karl even treated them to a freestyle performance at the end of his workshop using a random collection of words that the students had suggested.  All those who participated felt it was great to have close interaction with someone who was able to create so much enthusiasm for writing poetry!  

Here’s what some of the students had to say about the day;

It was so much fun. At first I thought he would be one of those boring old poets who talk about the meanings of poetry. He was the complete opposite. I had lots of fun making up a poem as I love to create rhymes in my spare time. I really enjoyed his performances. 11 out of 10 and 5 star review.

I think it was a fantastic experience, that Karl Nova came in and started talking about his life and some pretty funny experiences. He was rapping and doing poetry in front of a crowd of people in year 8. He also had a workshop and I got in it! He started playing music and telling us to give him some words to rap about. Overall I think it was amazing!”

“Thank you to Karl for coming and sharing your knowledge with us and we hope to have him come and visit again in the future. ” commented Head Teacher, Caroline Barlow.