Heathfield students self-isolated as a precaution over Corona virus concerns

28th February

Corona virus

We understand from HCC that four students have been advised to self-isolate due to the location of their half term holiday. The school does not have any sense, at this stage, that any member of the school community has a diagnosis of concern. They remain in communication with the families who will keep the school informed, if there are any further developments. The College has already proactively responded and shared with parents the generic guidance from Public Health England which is applicable to all settings. The Headteacher asked parents to discuss these preventative methods with their son/daughter. PHE ADVICE SHEET

The school confirmed that they will be actioning the following:

• A repeated reminder, already given in November, of the importance of basic hygiene and in particular effective handwashing using soap

• The premises team has already conducted a deep clean of the site over the holiday and will be redirecting resources to ensure that high usage areas will be disinfected on a daily basis.

• Duty staff in and around eating areas such as the Canteen, Quad and Snack Shack will be equipped with hand sanitiser which students will be expected to apply before eating. Parents can supply their son/daughter with their own to use.

• Any students or staff with possible symptoms will be advised to seek medical guidance as per government and NHS advice. The school will continue to monitor the official guidance carefully, including planned travel arrangements, continuing to work in partnership with ESCC.

The school stressed that parents need to make individual decisions about their own children if there are individualised circumstances, and confirmed they will be as transparent as possible and should the advice and information change the school will update parents as soon as possible.

Headteacher, Caroline Barlow, commented ” I have an appreciation for how sensible students and parents have been in their response to the situation. Again, another example of the quality of the community in which we work. We continue to follow PHE guidance and will be as transparent as possible in our communications if anything changes.”