Little Brooke Cattery in Heathfield closes

11th October

The Little Brooke Cattery in Heathfield has closed its doors. After years of frustrating delays with their planning application the owner Mandy Papps has reached a brick wall with the licensing department as planning is needed before the licence can be granted. So they have had to close.

Mandy Papps, Little Brooke Cattery owner commented: “This is very upsetting, I have so many loyal customers who trust us with their cats and now we will have to let them down. I have worked hard to create the best environment I can for cats a ‘home from home’. As a deaf person it has given me a new lease of life doing something I enjoy and a job where communicating isn’t a challenge. I really hope we can overcome this.”

They hope to be able to get this resolved and Mandy’s husband Ian explained: “If we can get things sorted with the planning department and recommence the planning application we hope to move forward on this, but it’s difficult as the regulations have changed and whatever we do will have to comply with new rules rather than the ones in place when we built the cattery six years ago. Either way we hope to be able to find a solution to resolve the planning issues”.

Many people responded with support after Mandy posted the news on Facebook and Mandy has suggested if you would like to voice your disappointment at the closure, you can email the following officer at Wealden District Council.

Mandy & Ian Papps, owners of Little Brooke Cattery