Who is the ‘quiet hero’ in your community?

25th April

Sussex-based artisan food and drink online marketplace MeltedInside.com is on the hunt for a ‘Quiet Hero’ to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

The winner will receive an amazing prize for themselves and the person who nominates them will also win a prize.

The winning Quiet Hero will be awarded a MeltedInside.com gift voucher to the value of £200 and £200 cash. The nominator will win a £100 MeltedInside.com gift voucher as a thank you for their efforts.

All the nominator needs to do is write up to 500 words explaining why the person they know deserves to be recognised. For taking the time and trouble to enter the competition, they receive a share of the prize which gives the opportunity to try some MeltedInside.com products. Complete the form here.

MeltedInside.com founder Candy Bowles explains: “To me Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is the perfect example of a quiet, unsung hero. She goes about her business with quiet humility and integrity and has done so much for her country and the world. I’d like to celebrate her Platinum Jubilee in a small way by recognising and rewarding someone who has also contributed selflessly to their community.

“Another reason why the Quiet Hero initiative chimes with me and my company is that I consider all of our artisan food and drink makers to be heros in their own way. They make a lot of sacrifices and work all hours to produce the many amazing products with passion and enormous commitment.”

Meltedinside.com was established and designed to share the love of what artisan food makers do every day and the love they put into creating delicious products for shoppers looking to buy real food from real people. If you are an artisan food or drink maker and interested in joining MeltedInside.com please email artisanteam@meltedinside.com  

MeltedInside.com is a member of the Good Market community – a curated online marketplace that makes it easier to find and connect with social enterprises, responsible businesses and changemakers who are creating a better world.

Melted Inside won the Best Rural Retail Business category of the Rural Business Awards 2021(Eastern Region).