Heathfield’s science students get to rub shoulders with top UK scientists at Brighton’s Science Live!

8th February

GCSE Science Live! at Brighton Dome

Heathfield Community College Year 10 and 11 Triple Science students were able to attend GCSE Science Live at Brighton Dome last week and witnessed 4 of Britain’s top scientists at the cutting edge of their field.  The scientists showed the passion and enthusiasm they had for science.

Including top UK scientists.

  • Professor Jim Al-Khalili: professor of physics at the University of Surrey who also has a chair in the Public Engagement of Science and has won a Faraday prize for science communication. He gave an enthralling talk about time travel.
  • Professor Dave Cliff: a successful academic and research scientist in the area of computers for a number of large companies including Hewlett-Packard and Deutsche Bank who gave a talk about computing and robotics.
  • Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock: who is the presenter of BBC’s The Sky At Night was talking about space.
  • Dr Hannah Critchlow: neuroscientist and author, named one of the UK’s Top 100 Scientists by the Science Council discussed neuroscience and looked at the brainwaves of a student on stage.

The day was fast-moving, exciting, thought-provoking and gave students the chance to raise issues with the scientists. The students were also given some great tips on how to answer questions in their science exams by a chief examiner.  This insight can really help students to improve their exam technique and help them achieve the higher grades.

However one of the most important aspects was that students could see that science really does offer solutions for many of the world’s great problems.

The students really did have a great time showing an interest and curiosity, one parent reported later that evening their daughter “loved it and has come home very inspired and fired up by it. It’s a great thing for students to be able to do and [her brother] is already hoping he gets a chance to go too one day”.

Science Curriculum Leader Jess Gillespie stated “we love seeing students enjoying their science in this way and learning from the best in their fields. We look forward to seeing many of them translate their understanding into their work and I would encourage them to consider the fun they could have pursuing science subjects at AS and A2!”