Four million steps in May to help animal charity

30th April

Heathfield Vets staff are aiming to complete a staggering ‘4 Million Steps in May’ to raise money for the Oriental Cat Welfare Trust. The whole team will be counting steps as they treat patients, carry out consultations and surgery, and of course, cuddle the pets they are seeing. 

The Oriental Cat Welfare Trust (OCWT) provides much-needed welfare, rescue and re-homing services for Oriental cats.

Heathfield Vets Practice Manager Donné Stam explains “We wanted to find something everyone could take part in but, as we are still in split teams due to coronavirus – meaning we will still have a team in place in case of a positive case in one half of the team – we had to find something that didn’t need us to all be in contact with one another.”

“Steps at home and at work count and we are allowing other forms of exercise converted into steps to accommodate everyone’s interests. For instance, one team member is an avid cyclist and we have some who do horseriding. We picked the Oriental Cats as our charity last year, but due to the pandemic we have not been able to do any fundraising so far, so we wanted to find something we could do and walking seemed like the right answer.”

The 15 staff participating will have to complete 266,667 steps each which is approximately 93 miles! They have set a target of raising £500. 

The OCWT is a Sussex-based charity which is doing fantastic work fostering and re-homing oriental cats not only locally but from all over the UK.

This year particularly OCWT have been concentrating on rehoming cats to older people in need of companionship. Many of their pedigree cats are elderly and are much more suited to a quiet home with an older, loving owner. COVID has left many cats displaced from their homes and made the job of transporting and rehoming them even more difficult.

Oriental cats are popular due to their stunning looks and intelligence but often end up being given up as new owners may not realise the responsibility of such a loving and vocal kitty. Cats arrive at OCWT often needing veterinary care and help finding the right kind of forever home. OCWT is run entirely by volunteers and relies on contributions to keep their wonderful work going. Learn more about OCWT here.

“We’re proud to be helping such an amazing charity and hope friends and clients will help by sponsoring our four million steps,” Donné added.

You can donate via the Just Giving page