An update from Wealden Funeral Services – your local independent funeral directors

13th May

As we hopefully come out of this COVID pandemic and look to the future we thought it was time to update the people of Heathfield and surrounding villages with changes that are taking place locally with regard to funerals and with us as well.

Funeral Director Andy Kirk

The good news is that, as a whole, the number of people affected by the virus across the country has fallen dramatically since vaccinations began. This has been noticed in Wealden as well as across the country. The team at Wealden Funeral Services is delighted that this means that, from 17th May, the number of mourners legal limit has been lifted and can now be set by the venues. The local crematoriums have notified us that Wealden will allow 54 from that date, Tunbridge Wells 33 and Eastbourne 50. This is particularly good news for those recently bereaved.


During the pandemic, along with a number of other industries, we saw a massive increase in the use of video communications, especially for the web casting of the funeral service. This helped people who couldn’t attend to feel that they were part of the service. Congratulations needs to be given to Wealden Crematorium for their support and offering this service free of charge until 1st April this year. We also noticed an increase in the number of people willing to talk openly about death and their wishes when it happens. We wonder and hope that these trends continue in the “new normal”.

The new Crowborough branch

We have also made a couple of changes to our company over the last few months. In April we opened our second shop in Crowborough High Street to increase the area we cover and provide Crowborough with a first-class funeral service,

We have also become authorised resellers for EVERWITH jewellery. EVERWITH jewellery is a range of rings (both men’s and ladies), necklaces and other products, available in silver, gold or white gold with mounted coloured resin “stones” which contain a loved one’s ashes. The range also includes options for jewellery where the ashes can be contained in the hollow pendant. Come and see the samples in our display cabinets and ask us for a brochure. Anyone who has liked our Facebook page is entitled to 10% off the list price using the code FACE10.

And finally, today we have launched our new web site at This is a totally open site, showing our services and our prices and allowing you to browse through the EVERWITH jewellery range.