Bah bah break dancing

22nd May

The Sheep Show performs all over the country with the highlight being the amazing dancing sheep.The Sheep Show

Over 100 shows have been performed recently in front of an estimated 2.5 million people which definitely makes this a show you can’t miss.

This incredible show lasts for 30 minutes and is performed up to four times daily. It is not only just humorous, it’s also educational and perfect for people of all ages. The show involves nine different breeds and will definitely expand your knowledge of sheep.

The main attraction for this show is the dancing sheep and the talented sheep actually do dance!

The Sheep Show performs each year at music festivals, food events and a number of agricultural shows. This amazing, talented and unmissable show will be at the Heathfield Agricultural Show for visitors to enjoy.

Story and headline written by Jessica Knight and Bethany Ivimy during their work experience week