Landowners fined for failing to check Tree Preservation Orders

6th April

Wealden District Council prosecuted the landowners of the site in The Drive, Hellingly, after trees were cut down in 2018 despite them being subject to Tree Preservation Orders.

The landowners said they were unaware of the Tree Preservation Orders in place which protected the woodland and trees and claimed the trees were a danger to public safety.

But they pleaded guilty to contravention of the TPO. They were fined and also ordered to pay £7,500 in legal costs.

During the case, Recorder Ben Collins QC said it was regrettable the landowners took no steps to find out what the position was before going ahead with their actions.

Don’t be caught out by failing to check Tree Preservation Orders.

It is a simple process for members of the public to check if trees are protected by TPOs by contacting Wealden District Council on 01323 443322 or via email

Wealden District Council’s portfolio holder for Planning, Councillor Ann Newton said, “It is imperative that people check to see if Tree Preservation Orders are in place.

“When these TPOs are ignored and trees are felled, we will robustly pursue those responsible for breaching the orders and issue court proceedings.

“It is easy for people to ascertain if TPOs are in place and this case shows that ignorance is no defence.”