Dallington Primary School launches book appeal

18th January

Children enjoy books of all sorts!

Dallington CEP is a delightful, rural, primary school, tucked away on the windy ridge at Dallington, in East Sussex. 2020 was a tough year, with many children being educated at home, however the school did stay open for key workers and the small team of dedicated staff juggled working to support the school’s pupils with their own family’s needs at home. As most primary school parents will know, funds are short in most education settings so the extra funds raised by eager parents is key to supporting the children’s education; sadly the usual flurry of fundraising was halted during the pandemic. Increasing pressure on the schools budget.

During lockdown reading continued to be vital for the children, and it got the Head Teacher, Paul Cox thinking as he explained:

“We have always valued reading as one of the most important life skills we teach. Enjoying reading has always and will continue to have very high priority at our school. To reinforce this point we are asking for support for a new initiative we will be running. We may not be there to support our families physically but that does not mean we are not supporting them mentally and spiritually. Our initiative is to get every child at Dallington a new book to read. We have given books at Christmas for the last 10+ years, we would like to replicate that in this lockdown”.

The school has set up on Amazon a wish list of books, and they would like anyone who wants to show their support to buy a book. The books will be delivered to school and then delivered to the children. The school hopes that the community will come together to support the children of this wonderful little school in this most difficult of times. Mr Cox is hoping that this appeal will encourage parents both past and present, and anyone who knows the school to buy a book from the wish list. They hope that they will be able to ensure that all children will receive a book.

“For the price of a coffee we can bring a little bit of joy and learning into this difficult time.· I have set it up so the books are delivered to school but please check.· Only support this if you feel you are able to· If you click on the charity bit (top left of the Amazon page) and search for Friends of Dallington School you can support the school further with your purchase.· Please share the link with anyone you feel would be happy to support – your neighbour or great Aunt Joan in Canada – everyone can help us support our children, ” continued Mr Cox, Head Teacher, Dallington CEP

The link is https://www.amazon.co.uk/hz/wishlist/ls/3J61KS18QDYG4… If you have any questions about this initiative Mr Cox is happy for you to contact him. The school hopes this will bring everyone together as a community and bring the gift of reading into a child’s life.