Festive floral style tips from Cuckoo Flower Company

7th December

We spoke to Ana O’Kill at The Cuckoo Flower Company to get some ideas for creative, festive decorations. The shop is looking gorgeous with white feather wings adorning the window.

Ana explained: “This Autumn we saw a lot of animal prints in both fashion and the world of interior decoration. So we haven’t been surprised to see that this trend is carrying on into the Christmas period.  You may feel that animal prints for Christmas are a little too much.  But you can also create a true ‘jungle bells’ feeling by using air plants or succulents. We saw this trend last year and we are certain that it will last in 2018.  Air plants and succulents are also great to use in Christmas wreaths. We have some in our wreaths, they really make a statement on your front door! ”

Full on greenery has also been popular this year and you will still see a lot of spruce, eucalyptus in all its forms, and other greenery bought or foraged. This Christmas, you are also seeing much use of cool colours : blue, purple and grey for instance. Echoes of a nordic forest theme, blue in combination with white ramps up the wintery fairy tale vibe. Or combine blue with brown or copper for a chic, cosy look and feel. If you want traditional then stick to your classic reds and golds and you won’t go wrong.

Globally floristry trends are following a sustainable living and pared back on consumption trend. The Christmas trend ‘Country Chic’ goes back-to-basics and fits well with this development.

If you wish to follow this trend, you can forage in our lovely hedge rows around Horam where you will find beautiful ivy in berry, yew, conifer and twigs you can use a combination of these natural materials and work in colours of your choosing.

If this all sound sounds like hard work, the Cuckoo Flower Company can take orders and create something unique for your home this Christmas. Wreaths, garlands, table centres and cut flower arrangements.

The shop also stocks beautifully scented candles, Rowdy & Fancy Chocolate, tree decorations and a range of silver jewellery from a local designer with prices starting at £10.

Call Ana O’Kill at The Cuckoo Flower Company 01435 813649