Find out about Vibrational Essences with Min Peterken at Wholefoods Healthstore

5th March

Vibrational Essences

On March the 12th, from 10.30am, Min Peterken will be sharing her range of Vibrational Essences with customers at The Wholefood Healthstore on Station Approach, Heathfield. If you are interested in alternative healthcare it is an excellent opportunity to find out about the unique benefits of these essences.

Vibrational essences can be used as a self-help tool or preventative measure for your day to day living.  Essences help us when our own unique vibrations are running low, which can create negativity that exposes us to illness and disconnects us from our spiritual path. They are even suitable for pets and can be used to treat nervous or anxious animals.



Vibrational essences are made by placing the given crystal in/or by water and placed in the sunshine to allow a process called solarisation.  As water carries a memory this process allows the water to become infused with the vibration of the minerals/crystals.   These principles have been adapted from the famous Dr Edward Bach.

Our physical body is made up of approximately 80 % water, therefore we can use essences to change/keep our cell frequency at the level we need it to be to remain functional and positive. 


Vibrational essences can be used as a self-help tool or preventative measure for your day to day living.  Essences help us when our own unique vibrations are running low, which can create negativity that expose us to illness and disconnecting us from our spiritual path.   If you are receiving medical or complementary treatment do advise your practitioner that you are taking essences.


As the essences work you will notice a shift in energy or emotion; for example you may feel more tired or weepy as blocked energies start to release, until you start to feel more grounded and back to your usual self.


As a starting block take 4 – 6 drops in water, four times a day.  You can drop this into a water bottle and sip during the day, drop into bath water, drop on pillow at night time, rub into palm of hands and evaporate the essences into your aura or spray around the room. As you become accustomed to the remedy you will feel if you need to take more or less.  Your intuition will inform you when you need to stop taking the remedy.  I am happy to advise you on this if you are not sure.

You can take more than one essence at a time.

EnergyWorks essences are suitable for all the family but are not suitable for children under 2 years and during pregnancy.  Some essences are suitable for pets. 


Essences are a made up from spring water, brandy or vodka (as a preservative) and highly diluted extracts of energy derived from different crystals.

*If you do not tolerate alcohol you can use in other ways, suggested above.

Min Peterken

Min Peterken was raised in a family of healers and after an initial career as a Social Worker, she returned to her healing roots 15 years ago.  Within this time, she studied four years in shamanic practice, a two year diploma in vibrational healing using crystals, colour and gem essence, a years course in geomancy incorporating geopathic stress, geopsychic stress, feng shui, earth acupuncture and space clearing,  Reiki, body massage, pregnancy massage and a nine month course in hot stone massage. 

This return to her healing roots has certainly been influenced by her role as a mother and the wisdom of getting older.   ” My belief that everything has a living spirit, that we are all connected to the divine universal energies and my love of mother nature and her medicine, is influencing my every move.   As a community I believe we are starting to re-connect to these ancient ways and I hope to bring these to you either in 1:1 sessions or in a workshop setting.” explained Min Peterken.

Her intention is to enable you on your spiritual pathway, incorporating  the mind, physical, emotional and spiritual body using spritual practice, intuitive and practical skills.  To help you step into your true authentic self with humility, courage, power and hope.