Five step guide to improving home security

6th September

Figures from the Office for National Statistics for the year up to September 2018 show the number of domestic burglaries in England and Wales was 644,000 – and that’s an improvement on the previous year!

It’s a statistic that demonstrates to all householders that no home is immune from the threat posed by burglars, but there’s plenty you can do to restrict their chances of unlawfully getting inside yours.

County – The Home Improvers has published a 5-step guide to a safer home…

1. Get new windows and doors fitted

As windows and doors age they become less resilient and if you still have your original windows and doors fitted, they’re unlikely to be supplying the level of security your home needs.

Modern-day windows and doors are crafted from very durable materials like UPVC and aluminium and they have far more sophisticated locking mechanisms integrated into them.

2. Lock up properly

It seems like a very obvious and almost patronising suggestion, but you would be amazing at how many home burglaries occur due to a window or door being left unlocked.

New windows and doors cannot do their job properly if they’re not locked, so do a thorough check to ensure they are securely fastened shut before leaving your house empty or going up to bed.

3. Organise a house minder

Speaking of when you’re away from home, particularly when on a long break, try not to leave your home empty as thieves aren’t daft and can usually tell.

Ask someone you really trust to pop into the place a couple of times a day or, if it’s convenient for them, invite them to occupy the house while you’re on your travels.

4. Install a burglar alarm

Here’s an “alarming” stat that will shock you – a whopping 70% of British homes do not have a burglar alarm. This makes very little sense when you consider how good a deterrent a quality alarm can be, particularly when you weigh up the cost of buying one against the cost of having your belongings stolen.

5. Join or set-up a Neighbourhood Watch scheme

It’s impossible to have someone in your house all the time, but useful to have other people keping a looking out for you with schemes such as Neighbourhood Watch.

It’s claimed that 3.8 million households are currently covered by a scheme. If there isn’t one in your area then you can always look at setting up one yourself and gauge interest among your fellow residents.

County – The Home Improvers has several of the products you need to create a more secure home. They can all be seen at your local County showroom.