Heathfield based charity launches appeal

22nd January

Heathfield based charity launches appeal

The Robert Poulton Foundation was created to honour the life of talented opera singer, Robert Poulton, who tragically died in 2012, in a fatal car crash in Cross in Hand.  Robert and his wife were based in Heathfield and Robert had connections to the area going back to his grand-father.

Sing it! Aims to bring the joy of collective singing into Primary Schools. It is the Foundation’s Key Stage 2 (junior) education project. The project was devised by Martin Neill, a very talented composer and ex teacher.

Through Sing it! each class has the opportunity to sing wholeheartedly for 30 minutes a week, with an expert practitioner. The scheme contains a variety of styles and genres; funny songs, folk songs, songs about self esteem, songs about eating healthily and songs based on the National Curriculum, all featured in beautifully illustrated booklets, which are given to each child every term. The scheme is time efficient, cost effective and totally brilliant.

But, despite the success of the programme, they are now in a situation where for the first time in 3 years they do not have any schools taking part in the scheme. Sadly, many schools have reported that they can no longer afford it, whilst others cite the fact that there is not enough time during the school day for singing, when they need to meet academic targets.

“We know that we can’t change the government’s priorities, but we feel that if we are able to raise funds, we can at least make our scheme available to schools that are unable to afford us. Whilst, we are already minimally subsidised, we cannot afford to give the scheme to schools for free. I am aware that there are grants available and am very much hoping that we will gain funding soon.”   Philippa Poulton Smith

The Foundation is committed to continuing this great project and is hoping that there are individuals or companies out there who might be prepared to be sponsors.

Here is an illustration of how the funds could be used:

£1500 would give a 30 minute session a week for 2 classes for a year.

£3000 would give 4 classes, which is, in some cases is a whole school.

If you feel that you may be able to help, please email Philippa on: philippa@robertpaultonfoundation.org.uk

For more information: https://www.robertpoultonfoundation.org.uk/

Registered Charity Number 1165526