Heathfield businesses targeted by animal rights activists

9th April

Over the Easter bank holiday weekend the Butchers Hook shop on Hailsham Road, Heathfield was targeted with posters depicting lambs, the protesters did not identify themselves and the owner Terry Adams, quickly removed them. He commented: “This has happened a few times before, around this time of year.”

Another Heathfield business which is regularly targeted is Tottingworth Farm (Abattoir),  monthly protests are scheduled to take place outside the farm by SAS.  SAS (Sussex Animal Save) is part of a national group of animal rights protesters who hold vigils outside farms and abattoirs. A spokesperson from the group explained that they want to “Bear witness to the animals and honour the lives of the animals before they go to the abattoir”.

While SAS members may be vegans, they understand that not everyone shares their views. They aim to campaign peacefully to increase awareness of inhumane animal practices and the pathway to alternative meat free diets and the options available. They encourage like minded people from all over Sussex to join in.

Tottingworth Farm were targeted on Facebook last month, this resulted in them removing the ability to rate and comment from their page, and they used Facebook to issue a statement to express their views on the regular vigils at their farm:

Statement from Tottingworth Farm

“Over the last year, we have been targeted by a minority of vegan extremists who have chosen to express their views by protesting at our farm on a regular basis and writing offensive and insulting comments on our social media pages. We have chosen during this time to ignore their actions but sadly over the last few months, they have expressed their views by giving irrelevant one star reviews purely down to their own beliefs. This has therefore reduced our rating unfairly. We have had to remove the review section from our Facebook page for the time being, due to the upsetting nature of these comments.

We understand that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and dietary choices. However, by protesting and writing hurtful reviews is not fair on a farming business that has been in our community for many generations. We feel that our business is not a place to express extreme vegan views, as this can be deemed as a personal target on a way of life within the agriculture industry.

We would like to thank our loyal customers who support our family business and look forward to continuing to provide locally sourced quality products for our community.”

Tottingworth Farm Team

March 13 2018 Facebook


The image used in this feature was taken at an earlier vigil.