Heathfield Community College is bursting with creativity #EduArtsFest

28th May

Work by Grayce Mills

Celebrating Creativity at Heathfield Community College #EduArtsFest

Along with schools all over the country, on 28 May 2021 Heathfield Community College is celebrating the vital role of the arts and the fantastic work created by children and young people.

This event will be hosted on a bespoke page of the college website and will join the crescendo of online celebration using the hashtag #EduArtsFest intended to fill the internet with the voices of children and young people playing music, performing drama, sharing artwork, poetry, singing, or dancing.

View the creative pieces

The galleries of students’ performances and collections can be viewed here: https://www.heathfieldcc.co.uk/?page_id=2264544

After over a year of disruption, the college believes it is important to showcase and celebrate the creativity and joy which forms such a vital part of education. Heathfield students have a strong legacy of excellence and engagement in Arts subjects with over 80% of students studying a qualification in an Arts based subject and almost all students engaging in a form of extra-curricular creative activity.

Drama is also included in the #EduArtsFest

Within College it has been a particular joy for the staff to see the students engaged collaboratively together in their creative activities:

Miss O’Connell, Curriculum leader for Drama said “Seeing HCC students performing in Drama again has been so thrilling and exciting after such a long break. Our students have shown such resilience and fortitude in their ability to adapt, regroup and channel their creative energy into such stunning and memorable performances.”

Ms Strachan Curriculum Leader for Visual Arts commented: “My biggest love in my role as a teacher of Art is seeing the students work progressing and their talent developing, in person.  Having them back in the classroom has been the highpoint of my year.  It is just so good to be back, working with them and seeing their amazing creative skills unfold.”

Mr Matthews Curriculum Leader for Music reflectedOver lockdown the students produced some amazing music but there was something missing, the collaborative work that fills the classroom. Once we returned it was incredible to see the enjoyment and hard work of our students working together again. You could see from their faces that it has been something they have missed. From a teaching perspective there is nothing greater than students working together in an engaging and proactive way to produce some quality music.”

The college is delighted to be able to give their young people a platform for their work as they channel their experiences and express themselves creatively so positively. Do take a look at the work via this link for Heathfield College creativity #EduArtsFest

Work by Jessica Squires