Heathfield Community College launches TV channel

21st December

After several weeks of working on the first broadcast, and several months of working on the concept, Monday 18 December saw the official launch of Heathfield TV at Heathfield Community College.

Around 100 attended the launch of the TV channel whose strapline is ‘for students by students’.

The 25 students involved in the channel attended a workshop run by local television presenter John Young of John Young Media  to help equip them with the skills to make a fantastic first broadcast.

He said: “I’ve never come across a school and a headteacher who has the taken the idea of a school TV channel by the scruff of the neck and turned it into such an opportunity.

”Initially I came into the school to run a newsroom bootcamp. The students I worked with were one of the most engaged and enthusiastic teams I have worked with. They were full of ideas and clearly understood the demands of a busy working environment. The experience will stand them in good stead for employability in any field.”

Screengrab from Heathfield TV

The first broadcast for Heathfield TV

Heathfield Community College is of the few schools in the UK that has both a radio and TV station. You can watch the first programme here

Businesses interested in advertising on Heathfield TV should contact operkins@heathfieldcc.co.uk