Mixed emotions as new look Heathfield Christmas lights switched on.

13th November

Festive Tree outside the Fire Station

Social media posts have long aired the disappointment felt by many at the ritual turning on of the Heathfield Christmas lights. The tastefully positioned, somewhat sublty lit trees, have provoked ridicule at best, and stronger words at worst. But, this year there is good news!

The Heathfield & Waldron Parish Council have funded additional decorations to supplement the existing wall mounted trees, the project has also been supported by sponsors: The Heathfield Chamber of Commerce, Pennells Carpets, Wanted on Voyage, Sokada, Blackdoor, Cuculo, All Wrapped Up, No37, GCS Guaranteed Conveyancing Solutions, Blackdoor Beauty, Cranwell Wealth Solutions Ltd, Agrifactors and Balcombes DIY. Plus, there is a bigger and better tree located outside the Fire Station.

The lights were switched on today, Friday 13th November in a low key, socially distanced event, outside the Fire Station. On a visit tonight we could see a real difference in the town with the newly festooned illuminated garlands and trees.

Christmas windows adorned with the new decorations in Heathfield High St

It is hoped that in such difficult times, when many businesses would normally be open for Christmas shopping, are shut; that people will still #shoplocal and make use of shopping online with their favourite local stores.

Once the shops and salons can reopen all the traders will be ready to welcome their customers back to a sparkly, festive High St with a whole host of fabulous independent shops.