Heathfield traders on alert after shoplifter spotted

24th June

Heathfield High Street

Yesterday , June 23 on Heathfield High Street, East Sussex – a member of staff at Trading4U became suspicious when the shop detection system went off as a customer left the store. The quick witted Asssitant Manager, David Katt approached the woman and asked her if she might have a security tagged item in her bag. She did and it was not something she had paid for. Although, he then called the police, they rarely attend in incidences like this and there is nothing the staff can do to apprehend the suspect. CCTV footage was taken and has been forwarded to the police.

David Katt, Assistant Manager commented: ” I had seen her in the shop on other occasions before. This time she had a young child with her and there was a bit of shouting going on between them, which I had noticed. But, I was surprised when I realised she had taken this opportunity to steal something. When challenged she returned the item on request and left. We do get shop lifters from time to time, but nothing as bad as 2018 when there was a spree of thefts. We have alerted the other traders in the area to be on their guard.”

Owner of Trading4U, Chris went on to explain: ” We find it really hard to get the police to react, we get a crime number and then a few days later they look into it after we send the CCTV. But, we do have a good security system installed and most items are tagged. Any thieves are recorded and will be reported to the police for further investigation. In the past fines have been issued and we will actively seek prosecution for any thefts. Let’s see what happens in this case.”