Heathfield students set up Facebook for surgery

25th January

We have been looking at volunteering opportunities in Heathfield and surrounding areas, with a focus on adults, but there are also plenty of opportunities for young people to give up their time to help with something they are interested in. This experience is invaluable in preparing students for the world of work and gives them a chance to learn outside of the school environment. Pupils from Heathfield Community College have done just that, and over the last 3 months, Y10 students Liv Crane and Emily Smith have been volunteering for Fairfield Surgery Patient Group for their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award, helping them to create a Facebook Page that provides information to the community about health and the Surgery.

“The patient group for Fairfield Surgery in Burwash is delighted with the work that Emily and Liv have done to set up a Facebook page for us. We hope that this social media presence will raise our profile and improve our communication with all patients registered with the surgery. We hope that we might continue to collaborate with Heathfield CC on future projects.” Lorraine Lea, Chair, Patient Participation Group

Next month, we will be hearing from Jack White, aged 11, also a pupil from Heathfield Community College. Jack is a volunteer at the Bluebell Railway, and a member of the 9F club for 9-16 year olds. He will be telling us what he gets up to there, while indulging his passion for trains.