Heathfield welcomes public defibrillators

25th July

Four new public access defibrillators have been installed in Heathfield.

The Heathfield & Waldron First Responders Group is delighted to announce it has successfully installed four new Public Access Defibrillators (PAD) sites across the town. These defibrillators are designed to be easy to use by members of the public in the event of someone nearby suffering a cardiac arrest.

Image of Heathfield first responder Theo Parfitt, alongside two members of staff from HKS Kitchens, standing next to the public access defibrillator.

Staff from HKS Kitchens and Theo Parfitt with the public access defibrillator

The new, life-saving sites are located at:

The two defibrillators installed at the schools and the one located at the Community Centre were generously funded by the Co-Op Community Fund. The site at HKS was funded by Theo Parfitt, one of Heathfield’s own community first responders.

Theo, 33, raised the money for this defibrillator through sponsorship, following his completion of the Great North Run in 2018.

Theo explains: “I think it’s important to raise money for projects like this. When I started back in 2013 we only had one or two public defibrillators in the community. In my opinion, cardiac arrest has no stereotype and it can happen to anybody at any time. Having accessible defibrillators around the community is key to survival.”

He adds: “I believe we now have around 37 PADs in Heathfield and the surrounding areas which equates to approximately 95 per cent of houses in Heathfield being within a 450 metre radius of a defibrillator. As a charity, we offer free-to-attend sessions to anyone who contacts us. That way, we can ensure people feel confident if they find themselves in a situation where they have to access and use a PAD.”

Picture of four students, a member of staff and community first responder, Theo Parfitt, next to the defibrillator outside Broak Oak Primary School

Broad Oak Primary School students and staff proudly standing alongside the defibrillator, with Theo Parfitt

Many PAD cabinets are protected by a combination lock on the door. However, anybody in genuine need of the defibrillator will be able to gain access by simply phoning 999/112. Once you have given the emergency service call operator your location (preferably a postcode) you will then be given the required code to access the defibrillator.

Please remember to always call 999/112 in the event of an emergency.

The sites of all the defibrillators in the Heathfield & Waldron Responders area can be found via https://www.heathfield.net/local-information