Heathfield Youth Drama are back with a splash!

10th June

Heathfield Youth Drama Group making a splash

After months of drama by Zoom Heathfield Youth Drama are now properly back in action. You can only begin to imagine how challenging socially distanced remote theatre was for the tutors and young actors.

Desperate to get back out there performing. The club’s first production, since Covid struck, is Aladdin which will be on stage, outside at the community centre on 25th and 26th June.  The shows will feature all the group’s members from the 5 year-olds to the 18 year olds. The whole group has been practising hard since the restrictions were eased. Mary Pearson, club principal, said:

“It’s so wonderful for the children to be back in person. They’ve missed the drama and they’ve missed being with each other.  And we’re very excited about the show.”

Not just stage but film as well

Also premiering soon will be the club’s latest film productions which were filmed last summer and are being edited now, ready for their unveiling in front of a full audience.  These were the club’s most recent venture into the movies, and the results.

 “The children loved the summer film sessions, and we hope the pieces they made will inspire them to do more,” commented Mary Pearson.

Our winning improvisation at East Grinstead Festival

Amazing success 100% pass rate

First formed in 1993, HYD meets every Friday in term time at the community centre in Sheepsetting Lane.  The sessions – younger members meet 5.00-7.30pm, older members 7:30-9:30pm – are run by expert and experienced drama teachers.  There is something for everybody at the club.  For those who want to take formal drama exams, the club has an amazing success rate (100% of the students entering Trinity’s exams recently passed, with  95% achieving Merit or better).  Or if you just want to have a go, meet some new friends and have some fun, then there’s a place for you too.

100% pass rate – students with their certificates


Dedicated staff and pupils

Chrissie, who has been teaching at HYD for 3 years now, describes the Friday sessions as a hive of activity:  

“When I first started I couldn’t believe the variety of activities on offer.  I love that at any one time so much is happening – one-to-one exam preparation in one room, team building next door, dancein the hall.” In fact, the club offers a broad range of taught skills, from improvisation to scripted direction, musical theatre choreography to group singing, mime to spoken verse, all alongside creative game-playing in an exciting informal environment.  And they’ve recently expanded with one-to-one singing teaching available on Wednesdays.”

Daniel, current Head Boy, explains:

“I started at HYD when I was 8, and I had a part in the production and I loved it. It was only tiny, but I was on stage!  Since then I’ve had bigger parts and taken exams, and done festivals, and it’s still just as much fun as the first day.”

Head Girl Amy agrees:

“Drama club is a massive part of my life and I look forward to coming every week – to act, but also to see my friends. Plus, Aladdin’s going to be great!” 

Mary Pearson adds:  

“The club is a wonderful place for any children interested in any kind of acting, so I encourage anyone to come along.  We know some people may find it daunting to start, but we are always really welcoming.  If you want to try it our first, we’ve got taster days in July so come along if you’re interested.”

Aladdin 25 and 26 June – treat your family to this outdoor production tickets are onsale now BUY TICKETS FOR ALADDIN

Heathfield Youth Drama. Heathfield Community Centre, Sheepsetting Lane, TN21 0OG

Every Friday in term time: 5-10 year-olds 5.00-7.30pm, 11-18 year olds 7:30-9:30pm. O

Or if you are interested in giving drama a try then your can take part in a taster session – either 2nd or 9th July – please contact HYD to book.

Contact details and further information:


email: heathfieldyouthdrama@gmail.com