Free Rein Horse Rescue and supporters fight back

21st July

Claire Gerrard and Free Rein Trustee Lisa Rohan with supporters and the latest animals to be rescued

It’s been a tough time recently for the Burwash based, Free Rein Horse charity, as it fell victim to some unpleasant trolling on social media. Claire Gerrard founder of Free Rein Horse rescue explained :

” Unfortunately we have had some negative comments made about the charity online, we felt this to be misleading and it has been very upsetting and demoralising for myself and the volunteers and supporters, as our only aim is to make the lives better for the animals we help to rescue.”

Claire has rescued over 279 horses and ponies in the 11 years since she started helping animals. Five years ago the charity was registered with the Charity Commission and this has allowed her to grow her supporters and to build up an enthusiastic team of helpers in the yard. They have worked hard to improve the facilities and through a kind donation, were recently able to create a sand school for the rehabilitation and exercising of the horses. Some of the animals arrive in a pitiful condition, often close to death.

The sad sight of a recently rescued pony

Many animals have been neglected, starved and abused but some arrive because they can no longer be cared for by their owners. Once the horse or pony is fit and healthy the charity try to find a new home for the animal. They charge rehoming fees to cover some of the associated costs like the vet, farrier and feed and medication.

A much happier looking animal after some weeks of care at the charity
Billy H Thompson from Animal Retreat

Free Rein is always happy to welcome new volunteers or supporters and donations of time, equipment and money are very gratefully received.

To find out more contact Claire on :