Looking for a job. Have you considered working with vulnerable adults?

15th February

One of the ‘A’ Level students enjoying the garden with one of the residents.

If you have been impacted during the pandemic by job loss then read on. Oakdown House have gained many new staff over the past year, quite a few have found themselves furloughed or without work, and have decided to give a career in the care sector a chance.

“Back in February 2020… maybe you were a hairdresser/barber, cook, musician, actor/actress, beautician? The list could go on and on! Sadly, so many people’s careers and livelihoods have been affected by COVID-19. We would be delighted if you would consider joining our friendly team here at Oakdown House,” commented Sue Fletcher from Oakdown House.

One of their newest recruits – Gemma, a self-employed painter and decorator, jumped at the chance in Lockdown One to work at Oakdown House. Having already been to Oakdown previously to do decorating, Gemma already knew lots of the residents but hadn’t considered she would end up working there as a support worker. Due to not being allowed to paint inside people’s houses Gemma found she had time on her hands and bills to pay so when she was looking for a job, she successfully applied to Oakdown and started her induction and training as soon as she could. Even though Gemma can now continue her painting work she has chosen to stay at Oakdown as a bank support worker, fitting in shifts when she can as she enjoys supporting and being part of the resident’s lives.

With the development of testing for COVID-19 back in the summer of 2020, Oakdown decided it needed someone organised to coordinate the testing of their 130 staff and 40 plus residents. A vacancy was advertised and along came Emma. Emma should have been coordinating events for a living but once again COVID-19 had postponed her current career. It turns out that Events Marketing Directors make excellent COVID testing coordinators!

Sue went on to say: “We must also give a big shout out to the students! Many students that were supposed to be taking their GCSE’s, A levels or were at university suddenly found themselves with no study to do and nothing really to aim for. The students already employed by Oakdown at weekends were able to cover vacant shifts on weekdays due to so many staff having to go into isolation. Ella, a midwifery student joined the Oakdown workforce in spring of 2020, easily adapting her care skills to those required for adults with learning and physical disabilities. Ella continues to work at Oakdown in between returning to her studies.”

Oakdown House has become a richer place, enjoying the benefits of multi skilled staff who have a variety of ideas and personalities. They all share through the desire to make a difference to the lives of the residents they care for and support. The staff at Oakdown are proof that you do not need experience to work in a residential home, the family run business will provide you with a comprehensive induction and training to get you started and then support you in every way, enabling you to have a long and enjoyable career supporting the wonderful residents in their care.

So, whether you find yourself furloughed or unemployed and are looking for a job, have a think about working in the care sector; it is a very rewarding and enjoyable career.

Gemma, who took an enforced break from painting and decorating, busy with one of the residents.

For information about working at Oakdown House call:

01435 883492 – info@oakdownhouse.co.uk

Look out for up and coming vacancies, which will posted in our Heathfield News jobs page and on Facebook.