The latest generation of 3D OCT screening for eye health comes to Heathfield.

23rd February


Looking after your eye health becomes increasingly important as you age, and there are some very simple ways to make sure you are keeping a check on it.  Technical advances now mean that quick and painless scanning can monitor your eyes and detect any changes. This technology is called OCT or Ocular Coherence Tomography.

Pople & Broad, a well established, family run opticians in Heathfield, have just acquired a new state of the art 3D OCT scanner.  OCT  is an advanced eye scan and works in a similar way to ultrasound. The equipment uses light rather than sound waves to build up an image comprising the different layers that make up the structures at the front and rear of the eye.

After the scan you will be able to see both a photograph and a cross section of your eye at the same time. These images can then be used by your optometrist to spot a number of common conditions, such as:

Age related macular degeneration – Diabetes – Glaucoma – Vitreous detachments – Macular holes

The scan is quick and painless and is recommended for anyone over 40, usually at two year intervals. The additional benefit of this is that you will build up a record of images which can be monitored and will indicate even subtle changes in your eye health.

Pople and Broad now have a new second consulting room and are able to accommodate new patients . So please feel free to phone and book your appointment. You will receive a warm welcome from our experienced , professional staff and clinicians.

The OCT scan is £40 and can be booked alongside your routine eye examination

Pople & Broad, High St, Heathfield on 01435 863 232