Local boxer Brandon Davies squares up for his first professional fight in London

14th November

After graduating from Heathfield Community College in 2015, local lad Brandon Davies had only one thing on his mind. His goal was to make it in the world of professional boxing.

Brandon lives in Horam and from the age of 14 he began to develop an interest and aptitude for boxing. Encouraged by his Dad Paul Davies he started training and sparring in the amateur licensed gyms on the South Coast before graduating to London for his training. He competes as a light weight and dreams of the kind of success his idol – Olympic Medal winning and professional current division title holder Vasyl Lomachenko from the Ukraine has achieved.

Boxing is a heavily regulated sport and to be a success you need not only to pass all the medicals, but you need determination and focus combined with a lifestyle that allows you to undertake gruelling training for up to sometimes six hours a day. Brandon is lucky to be supported by his Dad and local sponsors who are helping him to realise his vision. Equipment, training, coaching, fees and nutrition all come at a price.

” I have been really fortunate to be supported by my Dad and local businesses like Kennedy Sweeps who have sponsored me. It would be very difficult to find time to train and cover the costs without this. Lisa Golding from Neat Feet helps to keep my feet fight ready, and I also get support from Unit 8, a new barbers in Hailsham. I am very grateful to all of them”

Brandon is preparing for his first professional fight in London in March 2019. His team include trainer Xavier Miller and manager Stephen Goodwin to help guide him in the world of professional boxing. Brandon described feeling “excited and under a bit of pressure” as he looks forward to stepping out at the iconic boxing venue of York Hall, Bethnal Green, acclaimed as ‘The Home of British Boxing.’

We wish him every success and will follow his progress next year with information about tickets when they become available.