Melina Joy Opticians is changing the way it does things

16th June

Melina Joy Opticians, on Heathfield High Street, opened their doors in 1992 – at the core of the practice there has always been exceptional patient care and it remains so to this day. It has continued to invest heavily in the very best equipment and has three outstanding consulting rooms with the latest technology including OCT and Optomap digital scanning, corneal topographer and colorimeter. 

The team of optometrists specialise in orthokeratology and the management of visual stress and the qualified dispensing opticians are on hand to give you their best advice with one-to-one consultations.  Reception, as you will know if you have ever visited or phoned the practice, is always super helpful and endeavour to make things right for you whenever possible.

A difficult decision, but one that had to be made.

It has not been an easy decision but it has been decided to move to a private treatment only service from July 1 2021. Melina Joy, Founder and Chair of Melina Joy Opticians explains why:

“The NHS fee of £21.71 grossly under-funds our comprehensive eye examination and the services we provide.  We have subsidised this for many years, however it is no longer realistic to continue doing so.  The NHS bases its fee on providing the most basic examination lasting just a few minutes. If you have had an eye examination with us, you will be familiar with the standard of care and expertise in addition to the level of technology that we employ.  To enable us to continue to offer the same degree of eye care excellence over and beyond the basic NHS Sight test, we will be meeting all your eyecare needs privately in the future.

“If you usually have an NHS funded eye examination you can continue as a private patient and your previous notes and records will still be available and held within the practice. But, you will need to be aware of fees for services. We also offer Eyeplan which is a cost effective way to look after your eyehealth with a monthly subscription. We will continue to provide NHS referrals and cataract services in the same way as we always have.

“I hope this goes someway towards explaining why we have made this move.  We are more than happy to explain our new charging structure so please contact us for more information.”

Find out more about our Professional Fees

Joining Eyeplan will allow you continual access to the excellent care and service provided by Melina Joy Opticians and is open to everyone.

Introducing Eyeplan an easy cost effective way to spread the cost of your eyecare 

Membership of Eyeplan covers:

  • All your clinical care: regular eye examinations, contact lens consultations, specialist clinics and any emergency eyecare
  • 35% discount on our fabulous frames
  • 25% discount on spectacle lenses
  • Accidental damage cover on new complete pairs of spectacles for two years
  • 15% discount on contact lenses
  • 10% accessories

The great benefits of membership start immediately so why not join up today? Find out more.

Quick and easy…

Just tell a member of the Melina Joy Opticians team that you would like to join Eyeplan, and they will be able to sign you up in a few minutes.  There is no credit check, so this will not affect your credit rating in anyway.

Melina Joy Opticians, 59 High Street, Heathfield, East Sussex TN21 8HU – 01435 868181