Motorcycle madness and human tractor pulling

23rd May

The ImpsTwo events you should try to catch are the Imps motorbike display and the human tractor pull. Check the timetable for these and other excitements during the day.

The Imps is a motorcycle team of young adults performing routines around the world to millions of people for over 40 years.  They will be showing their extraordinary performance on the 26th May 2018 at The Heathfield Show.

The Imps are known for their red tunics and first performed in the 1970s. They will entertain the audience with their daring stunts and their breath-taking pyramids.  They also include some humour and their mini Imp mascot into their routines which is a real crowd pleaser.

From the sound of revving engines to the awe of a billowing fire jump and the suspense of a multiple motorcycle combination ‘cross-over’ routine, The Imps will have you mesmerised by an unmissable display of discipline and skill. The youngest performer is only five years old.

The Imps will be doing two displays in the Main Ring this year.

The Heathfield Show is becoming known for introducing new ideas to the showground. Last year was the human tractor pull. Four teams competed in pitting their strength against a tractor. Crawfords sponsored the event and provided a Valtra N114 tractor with 115hp to put some muscle behind the mechanical side. The men’s Go:ver Gym team took home the trophy.

Crawfords is kindly sponsoring the event again this year..