Over 50s being Covid 19 vaccinated now, amid concerns as lack of supply may cause a slow down

18th March

vaccination cards help in two hands

People in the Heathfield area aged 50+ are able to book their vaccinations via the National NHS Vaccination system. It is very straightforward, you follow the link, input details and you will then be offered vaccination dates and locations. You do not need an invitation from your Doctor’s Surgery.

Most people are allocated a vaccination centre further afield in Eastbourne and Brighton, although some a bit nearer. However, if you are not able to travel then you will need to wait until you are invited by your Doctor to attend a local centre. This will probably mean that you will need to wait.

The High St Surgery in Heathfield is still catching up on ages 16-64 Cohort 6, those with underlying health conditions. They are appealling for anyone in that category to come forward as the uptake has been slow. They soon hope to be moving on to cohorts 7-9 (60+ 55+ 50+). The next clinic in Heathfield will be March 22. However, at the time of writing this we know of people in all of these groups who have already been vaccinated elsewhere. So if you are keen to get yours, the quickest route is via the national booking service.

“I had my vaccine via the national booking service, it was in Eastbourne on March 3, if I had waited for the Heathfield Surgery, I would still be waiting. I am 60+.” commented one Heathfield resident.

Click here to book your vaccination via NHS Helpline