Pizza Wars hot up in Heathfield

13th September

Dominos Pizza van parked up infront of Cuculo on Heathfield High St

Pizza is popular in Heathfield, East Sussex – we are lucky enough to have two pop up pizza vans, a mobile pizza horse box outside the Cuculo Deli, as well as takeaway outlets like Domino’s. But, recent reports have suggested that the previously harmonious relationship between pizza sellers is hotting up.

Domino’s Pizza, with over 1000 outlets proclaim their mission to be “the number one pizza company in every neighbourhood”. They already sell millions of pizzas in the UK, but appear to have ramped up their local marketing activity, in an attempt to take on the independents. Their costume character was spotted waving at motorists this week, as part of a fun, good natured approach to promoting their pizzas. However, their tactics took a turn for the worse as James MacNay from Cuculo explains.

“We would like to think that there is space for everyone in Heathfield to get a slice of the action. But parking a large van outside our shop, illegally on the pavement, completely blocking our shop front on the one day in the week when the The Dough Mikypizza serves pizza for us, is a cheap move.”

James wasn’t alone in his indignation, loyal customers and traders shared his reaction and rallied in support with some swift action. Appeals were made direct to Dominos to move the vehicle, but they were fobbed off with excuses, the dispute escalated to the Parish Council Offices which are nearby. Luckily, it seemed that the Parish Council had more traction, and were able to negotiate the removal of the offending van.

“I did receive an apology, and an assurance that it was accidental, I accepted their apology and requested that it should not be repeated. A huge thank you to everyone who rallied around in support of a small trader standing up to the big boys. ” James MacNay, Cuculo.

Domino’s Heathfield, Store Manager Luke confirmed: “Being a good neighbour is extremely important to us and we have assured James the Store Manager of Cuculo Deli that this was an unintentional incident which will not happen again.”

The Dough Mikypizza in action preparing delicious wood fired pizza