New Music Bunnies, pre-school activity comes to Heathfield

8th October

Young ones enjoying musical fun

When Valarie’s husband relocated to Heathfield for work, she had to bid farewell to rural Somerset, and settle into the East Sussex town. A mother to two small children, she decided to follow her dream to run sensory inspired classes for pre-school children.

“After months of lockdown isolation I think it really is a good time for carers of young children to get out and experience interaction in a new environment. Through Music Bunnies, I aim to bring fresh stimulation to the little ones and fun bonding for the carer. We offer action packed, fun, interactive and educational music classes for babies and toddlers using various exciting props and percussion instruments. ” explained Valarie, founder of Music Bunnies.

She also explained that she has strict infection control measures in place, instruments are sterilised before sessions and not shared. Everyone is positioned at socially distanced intervals with a way in and a way out.

Valarie and her daughter at one of the classes

The first class kicked off last Friday at the Sheepsetting Lane, Heathfield Community Centre. Classes continue this week – 9.30 am is for Toddlers and 10.30 am for babies. The next class will be Friday 9th September. Music Bunnies also run parties and entertainment for nurseries.

To find out more and how to sign up, please get in touch with Valarie at

Valarie, the woman behind Music Bunnies