Quick fixes and advice from Cuckoo Hair

18th May

Cuckoo Hair may be temporarily closed but they are busy supporting their clients through out this challenging time. For many, not being able to have their regular salon visit is tough. Leanne, co-owner of Cuckoo Hair is offering complimentary consultations over the phone to give advice on how best to handle hair and scalp maintenance, she can also recommend highly effective products to tackle issues like regrowth. Give Leanne a call on 01435 863730

“We are working with our partners at Passion 4 Hair on a #salonlove campaign. The goal is to get clients to wait for us through lockdown and support them with advice and solutions to their hair challenges through lockdown. We’ve been working with Passion 4 Hair for 6 years and they’ve been a great support during this uncertain time, ” explained Leanne.

After over a month of lockdown, regrowth will be one of the things most worrying people. A great product for blending regrowth and refreshing the mid lengths and ends is the Fard treatment conditioners by Sens.us. It is chemical free and will help until your next salon visit. Available in a range of colours and sourced using Bio friendly, vegan ingredients.

Fard treatment can even out your regrowth as a temporary fix until you return to your salon
Colours available in the Fard range

Blonds and greys can become progressively brassy, but there is a quick fix – Zero yellow shampoo and conditioner,this is a toning range for natural or coloured Blondes, Grey’s and White’s. It neutralises any unwanted brassy tones in the hair leaving a “clean” result. It can also be left on for longer to get a real ashy tone into the hair 

Both are from the Sens.us professional range. Priced at £9.90 for the shampoo and £11.40 conditioner.

ZERO YELLOW treatment to tone down brassy hair

“With the extra time and less pressure on ‘looking good’, it is the perfect time to invest a little more into our hair, with no excuses of lack of time. Using a Deep conditioning treatment once a week will considerably improve strength, porosity and overall condition of the hair and scalp. Especially when you’ve not been able to have a haircut this will help to keep on top of the condition and create even porosity for a better colour result when you are able to have your colour service,” commented Leanne

There are two products to choose from, both contain Colour Cure Complex (TM) and Damage Cure Complex (TM).

They are cream based rather than oil based so do not make the hair lank. Beautifying Elixir Moisture Mask £29.90 Beautifying Elixir Replenishing treatment £25.50..

The products come directly from their warehouse to your door so social distancing is maintained. Call 0845 652 2809 or email orders@passion4hair.com and remember to mention Cuckoo Hair to ensure you get your free gift.