Rainbow Ranger roams Heathfield

1st December

Rainbow Ranger out and about Heathfield

Maybe you have seen the Rainbow Ranger on a night time jaunt around Heathfield, or just wondered who the multi coloured, glow in the dark character is?

We tracked him down to find out more. Although, his name is a mystery, we can call him ‘RR’. This resident of Heathfield explained the thinking behind what he’s doing :

“I wanted to cheer people up in this grim time, raise awareness of several charities plus a big bonus is I get out of the house and get some exercise.”

Apparently his inspiration for this came from The Blackpool Illuminations: “In 2018 I joined in and sewed some LED strips to my jacket. It was such a great atmosphere and you get to cycle right through the Pleasure Beach next to the giant roller coaster, see all the lights close-up and of course, the Blackpool Tower. It got me thinking!” he explained.

“Rainbow Ranger” was born during the first lock down and has been evolving eversince.

“I added more lights, and started a Just Giving page to support NHS Charities www.justgiving.com/rainbow-ranger) and each week of the lockdown, starting at Clap for Carers time, I cycled round the local area. It was great seeing everyone, and people used to stay out and wait for me on the route to give support.Together, we managed to raise almost £500 for NHS Charities together – I’m so grateful to everyone who got on board and donated.”

Spurred on by this early success ‘RR’ will be kicking off a big fundraiser on the 1st of December, when you will see him around Heathfield doing something special for the festive month of advent. Don’t forget to give him a cheer if you see him!

Rainbow Ranger’s Advent Calendar Cycle for Mind and Shelter

Look out for him from the 1st to 24th Dec, at 4pm to 6pm; when Rainbow Ranger will be cycling around Heathfield revealing a different animal or object on the back of his bike, a different one each day leading up to Christmas. This is happening to raise awareness of (and hopefully, funds for) both the mental health and homelessness crises.

Donate here: www.justgiving.com/rainbow-ranger-mind

He has also started a new page to raise money for Shelter

Donate here: www.justgiving.com/rainbow-ranger-shelter

You can find out more details : https://www.facebook.com/Rainbow-Ranger-10901134077858