Sussex based after school club launches nationwide franchise opportunity

21st March

The Great Out-tours activities and after school clubs are well known to parents around Heathfield whose children have benefited from the hugely popular after clubs run by ‘Farmer John’ (John Brooksbank).

Children have bottle fed lambs, mingled with pigmy goats, built fires and crafted charming gifts for their parents and been generally inspired by the outdoors, no matter the weather. 

The Great Out-tours are now offering the opportunity to run your own GOT franchise,  inspiring children in the flows of the rich and varied countryside calendar by bringing the magic of the countryside to the doorstep of primary schools.

“If you are passionate about the countryside, possibly working in a forest school or landbased learning project, this could be the opportunity you are looking for. You will be supported by the established Great Out-tours brand as you build your business and increase your earning potential. If you are at a stage in your life where you are looking to depart on a new professional journey, this could be it,” explained John Brooksbank the founder.

Via an exciting curriculum supporting ‘Four Seasons Activity learning programme’, The Great Out-tours specialise in running after school clubs and in-school workshops (complementing any existing Forest School activities). These are crammed with unforgettable practical experiences of nature in action, using the school grounds and surrounds as the teaching ‘stage’.

The company prides itself on offering one of the UK’s most diverse & adaptable outdoor countryside focused ‘Four Seasons’ activity programmes, for children aged 5 to 11 years. They are delivered through:

After-school ‘Four Seasons Activity’ clubs.

In-school curriculum supporting Great Out-tours seasonally themed workshops.

Wildlife parties for children’s birthdays and special occasions.

Weekend clubs

A prospective franchise would need to be approved by the organisation and have funds to cover the initial licence investment, but in return they will be fully trained and supported and able to start earning almost immediately – as soon as they have made approaches to local schools and set up the clubs within school term times. It would then be possible to  develop the other income streams through weekend clubs, birthday parties and workshops. There is a helpful presentation for anyone interested in finding out more.

This is what one of the first franchise holders, Samantha Cross, had to say about why working with the Great Out-tours is an opportunity that works well alongside her Forest School work.

“I run my own successful Forest School and Forest Activities business in West Sussex as a Forest School Leader (Level 3). Although I run Forest School sessions during term time, this is often hard work to find and is often not paid as well as I would like. This will be a familiar story for many Forest School leaders. I run Forest Activity sessions in the holidays, but I am limited as to how many days I can offer by my needs to spend time with my own children. In this line of work, a long-term regular income is hard to achieve. Setting up your own company can be confusing having to deal with risk assessment, trialling lesson plans, taking on employees or freelancers and often you can feel isolated. Working with the Great Out-tours (G.O.T) and joining the G.O.T family has given me support and encouragement. Most of the background hard work has been done. You are given the lesson plans with all activities having been rigorously road tested, the risk assessments are done, the insurance is in place and you have access to a fabulous booking system. I have enjoyed feeling like part of a team and supported and this has had a knock on effect giving me renewed enthusiasm and confidence within my own company.”

If this has whetted your appetite to find out more take a look at the presentation and the GOT Website and email John with the County name and the word Franchise in the subject bar on:

Forest Schools Association

Forest School Training