The Heathfield News supports young, future farmers by sponsoring The Young Beef Handlers award

19th May

Young handler holding a calfThe Heathfield News is proud to announce that it is sponsoring  Class 94 in The Young Beef Handlers competition this year at the Heathfield Agricultural Show on the 26th May 2018.

There are four different classes for beef and dairy calves.  The youngest age to participate is six years old and the oldest is 18 years old. Class 94 is for children age 11 to 13.

On the day there will be six different prizes. The top scorer in each category will receive £8, down to the sixth highest scorer who will receive £2. Rosettes will be awarded on the day to all entrants who participate in the competition. This competition allows young handlers to show off their skills to the judges in hope of winning a prize.

The competition involves the young handlers walking calves around a ring with a rope attached. They will be judged on how well they manage and control the animals. They will also be judged on presentation.

Heathfield News Co-founder, Anna White, who will be presenting the award, said: “We are delighted that The Heathfield News is sponsoring this category of the livestock competition this year. It is lovely to see young people getting involved in this aspect of the show.”

Story written by Jessica Knight and Bethany Ivimy during their work experience week