New advice for under 55 age range carers seeking to be vaccinated

11th March

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Informal carers advice on getting a Covid vaccination  

Currently age 55 and over are being called for vaccination. However, many people who are not 55 and over, but acting as carers, are also keen to get vaccinated. If they are looking after vulnerable relatives or friends and are in receipt of carers allowance they can also book via the national programme (either by calling 119 or via the website), as their details are already known to local authorities and the NHS.   

Those who are registered with their GP as carers may receive an invitation from their GP-led service.  However if their GP practice has provided their details to the local authority they may also be able to book online via the national programme. 

Any other carers who are not registered with their GP and do not receive carers allowance should be encouraged to register with their local carers organisation, details below.  The hope is that a way will soon be approved for the carers organisations to share their details with the local authority, and they in turn will provide those details to NHS England enabling those carers to be invited for their vaccination. 

General vaccination update

Those aged 55 and over can book via the national booking system.  They can follow the link and book direct at one of the vaccination centres offered. If they prefer a local service, they can wait for an invitation from their local GP-led services, but this may not arrive for a while yet.

Those who are 16 to 64 and clinically vulnerable in Group 6 are still not able to book via the national programme and must wait for an invitation from their GP-led service. Many may find this frustrating, but this is currently the position.