What to do if you have a dental emergency

23rd April

Image courtesy of www.healthline.com

During the pandemic, all Dental Surgeries are closed. Dentistry requires a very special sort of PPE, because of the aerosol generating nature of treatment, and there would appear to be a shortage of this type of PPE. But this is of no consolation to anyone wih a dental emergency.

The Dental practices we called, were only able to offer advice and antibiotics . There have been reports on social media of patients having to resort to emergency crown replacement kits from Ebay, or being told to Superglue their tooth back on and wait till July!

Our research eventually found that Battle and Brighton are the nearest Emergency Dental Hubs in the South East. You should contact your dentist or NHS111 for an assessment of your condition, and if they feel you need it they will refer you to the Emergency Dental Hub.

Information on how people can access these is available on this website page https://www.england.nhs.uk/south-east/2020/04/17/urgent-dental-care-in-the-south-east/