Bringing Spanish language and culture alive at Heathfield Community College

1st February

Students naming all the countries around the world where Spanish is spoken

Heathfield Community College students have been bringing Spanish language and culture alive. Following in the footsteps of the successful Wider Curriculum Day that was offered to French students in November, the Year 8 Spanish Language and Culture Day continued this journey on Friday, 21st January, providing a similarly exciting and valuable experience for our Spanish students.

Heathfield Community College is thoroughly committed to enriching the experiences students have both in and outside the classroom and to ensure they have a love of learning that is fostered across a broad range of subjects. All Year 8 students learning Spanish were given the opportunity to explore Spanish within the contexts of four areas; Maths, Art, Music and Spanish and the Spanish speaking world. The day was structured around a carousel of these four curriculum specialisms.

In Spanish, students were challenged to discover the 21 Spanish speaking countries in the world, to pin-point these are on their own maps and to better understand some of the customs and traditions enjoyed in Central and Latin America.  They enjoyed working collaboratively to discover more about these cultures, some of which may have been totally new to them. 

In Music, students had a great time channelling their Spanish to produce creative and artistic outcomes. They worked with a Reggaeton beat to structure their own Spanish raps around the sounds and rhythms generated by this distinctive Latin American beat.

In Art students had an opportunity to use Spanish adjectives of colour to produce drawings of a wide range of animals and in Maths, students have worked with focus and concentration to use their understanding of Spanish numbers to explain and better understand sequencing, recognising different number patterns. 

Due to travel restrictions during the planning of this day, the Onatti Theatre Production of ‘El campamento’ (who were scheduled to be travelling to the UK to perform) due to take place in the afternoon for all students had to be cancelled, however the College hopes to invite them back into the College later in the Summer Term when students will be able to enjoy this Spanish play.

Karthryn Ridgewell, Head of Spanish, said: “We are so very impressed by our students’ efforts and engagement during this day as they experimented with the language and engaged fully with all the activities offered”.