Can you help with this WW1 local history project?

9th January

Inspired by the experiences of her great grandfather, Ernest David Pratt, who was captured and held for two years in Germany as a World War One POW, and the loss of her great, great uncle, named on the Cade St Memorial, Nicky Walker is researching the names of all fallen soldiers from local War Memorials.  Her focus is on the following WW1 memorials:  Cade St, Horam, Punnetts Town School, Broad Oak Baptist Chapel, Vines Cross Chapel and Warbleton Church. She is writing a book which will put a face and story to all those named, many relatives have come forward but there are still lots of gaps. If you think you could help Nicky with her research please can you email her.


” I identified that there is a gap around the history of the fallen from Heathfield and surrounding villages; some excellent work has been done for areas like Hellingly, but Heathfield has been overlooked. My own son is 24 and that makes him older than so many of the young men who made such a supreme sacrifice; I found this poignant reminder of the reality of war quite difficult to overcome in the beginning; but I decided that that should not stop me from my mission to research the names and family stories. I hope to publish the book in the Summer of 2018 to coincide with the 100th anniversary. Any help you can give me would be much appreciated” Nicky Walker

We look forward to being able to feature her book when it is completed later this year.