Cuckoo Hair talk about coping with the salon closure and the challenges ahead

9th April

Alex and Leanne, Owners of Cuckoo Hair and The Gentlemans Club Barbers

“The day we closed the salon was one of the most devastating moments we have ever had to experience. It was heartbreaking. After having worked so hard to build up the business, we were in shock at having to put it on pause; plus the challenge and responsibility of trying to look after the brilliant team who work for us, ” was how Leanne and Alex, Cuckoo Hair and The Gentlemans Club Barbers Owners, described the temporary shutting of the business.

Many businesses around Heathfield and further afield, are having to rise to the challenge of diversifying their trading model, or working out a strategy to support their customers while they are closed and unable to offer a hands on service, as in the case of Cuckoo Hair.

Salon Owners, Leanne and Alex explained that initially unpicking the details of government help, working out what to do with the staff and apprentices, and how to mothball the business was confusing and took a lot of time. A few weeks on they have furloughed the team on 80% of their salary, closed the building up, suspended the business rates and applied for the necessary grants. They have spoken to all of their clients and advised them on hair care while they are unable to come into the salon. And are now working from home on plans for the business.

“We feel a lot calmer, but cashflow is the biggest concern, so it’s the speed of the grant payouts that will be key.” explained Leanne.

Cuckoo Hair before the temporary closure due to government restrictions for Covid-19

During this time when many businesses cannot conduct their normal services, it is an opportunity to remain in contact with clients and to offer a variety of support. Cuckoo Hair are working hard to do this, plus they are mindful that looking ahead to when restrictions are lifted, they will need to plan carefully to be able to cope with the sudden influx of desperate customers trying to book appointments. One idea they are looking at is extended opening hours to cope with demand.

They are keeping in touch via a weekly newsletter offering lots of advice and support on hair care and quick fixes, as well as calling and messaging clients personally to offer support. Product delivery services for Eufora and Sensus are also on offer – one product that helps to blend regrowth on a temporary basis is flying off the shelves.

“Our product distributor, Debbie, from Passion 4 Hair has been brilliant, really supportive and full of great ideas. We are working with her to keep the deliveries flowing, ” commented Leanne.

Alex, who runs the Gentlemans Club Barbers, urged customers to be cautious and avoid panicking and tackling their own hair: “A good cut will still look good as it grows out, now could be the time to see how you hair looks a bit longer. We will be there for you once this closure is lifted.”

Cuckoo Hair will be creating some videos and hints and tips on haircare and styling over the coming weeks, so follow their Facebook and Instagram pages to keep up to date.

Look out for our feature next week on ordering products and looking after your hair.