Foodbank service to launch for Heathfield and nearby villages

8th April

A Burwash Common woman has been recognised for her efforts to help the local community.

Jilly Wingfield of Burwash Common

Jilly Wingfield, a Co-op Member Pioneer for Heathfield and Horam, was awarded a certificate for her work in the community.

She is currently helping to set up a foodbank in Heathfield, under the umbrella of the Hailsham Foodbank, which will launch next week.

“I don’t think we have a massive problem at the moment but, as more people are being put on unpaid leave, we need to be proactive about the way ahead. I am currently co-operating, connecting and coordinating effort on the ground and getting information out so people know who to turn to.

“As a small business owner that is currently closed, I have spare time and can support my customers, my neighbours and colleagues. I know which organisations are offering help and want to assist them in getting the word out into the community. My Co-op colleagues are keen to get food to the vulnerable who are locked in and can’t get out,” Jilly explains.

Hailsham foodbank has fed people in Heathfield since it opened and has delivered to those who can’t get to Hailsham. The Heathfield ‘hub’ is being put in place to help serve the people in need in Heathfield and the surrounding area, while the Hailsham distribution centre is operating on a delivery only basis while current government guidance is in place. The new hub will save time and fuel by having supplies stored in Heathfield.

Currently all tinned and dried items are needed particularly longlife milk, tinned vegetables, fruit, meat, fish, rice pudding and instant mash.

With the increase in need and deliveries, rather than collection to all using our services, donations of money are also appreciated.  Details about how to give can be found on the Hailsham Foodbank website as well as on their Facebook site Donations can be made done online or people who want to give regularly can become a ‘friend’ of the foodbank’.

Jilly, who runs Sew Lovely By Jilly, added: “It was really nice to get the recognition. Volunteering is good for the soul any time, but particularly during a crisis when people don’t know where to turn. I urge others to help by telling others what help is available, checking on their neighbours, and doing small things like phoning friends and family and asking how they are.”

Donations of food can be taken to the Co-op in Heathfield. Anybody wanting to help or with any questions can contact Jilly on 07971 251052 or email