The Great Out-tours goes indoors and online

7th April

Popular, nature inspired, educational business The Great Out-tours was recently shaken by the closing down of all schools, and the cancelling of all after school club activities. Always one to rise to a challenge, Founder, John Brooksbank has sprung into action and over the past two weeks has worked long days and nights to create a fantastic new online version of the club.

“We are delighted to launch this curriculum supporting encyclopaedia of practical activities, designed to inspire and educate your children in the magic of nature across the Four Seasons, whilst also instilling positive mental well being, self esteem and vital family unity.

“Development has followed an ‘advent calendar’ style, inducing child excitement, entertainment & educational enrichment in the comfort of your home or garden setting!” commented John Brooksbank, Founder, The Great Out-tours.

Parents who now find themselves effectively home schooling, can make use of the twice weekly themed activities, each practical activity is fully supported with online hints and tips and supporting materials, puzzles, quizzes and word searches. The first two weeks are FREE, followed by a small subscription if you sign up for the complete six week activity.

Online activities – puzzles

Inspiring children in the countryside:

“When you enter the online world of the Great Out-tours, you and your children will find an exciting and vibrant activity plan, drawn from the talent and knowledge of their nationwide team.  From the northern tip of Scotland down through the spine of England’s green and pleasant lands, to the Southern most shores, the Great Out-tours team of activity designers have come up with a blend of practical, entertaining and exciting activities.” explained John.

Educational videos on a theme

Anyone worried about taking on the role of ‘teacher’ can rest assured that there is a comprehensive library of supporting materials for the activity.

John was also keen to explain that while we are all living with Coronavirus associated restrictions to normal working and home lifestyles, this new online activity will provide great benefit to families. But, that an online activity programme was always part of their plans for the future. The progamme has been developed through collaboration and hard work and everyone at The Great Out-tours is looking forward to sharing it with parents and carers and their children next week.

A school club regular had this to say:

“These are indeed strange and unsettling times. The boys will be very sad that you won’t be running the club in the coming weeks, but I am sure they will be understanding.

I really love the idea of the online activity programme. This is something we can all do together as a family. Our youngest son (pre-school) will be able to get involved too! Thank you for continuing their vitally important outdoor education and enjoyment.”

Laura (Parent).

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Fun grass caterpillars – hands on activity