New group to campaign for charging points in Heathfield

13th June

Electric vehicles

Susie Frank and husband Ged Campbell who hosted the meeting together with their EVs

A group of progressive thinking residents wants to encourage others to join the green transport movement and use electric vehicles.

Within the group there are Tesla, Leaf, Kangoo and Zoe owners and local businesses such as Wildbloods Electricians  whose staff are now trained to install charge points locally.

At a recent meeting held in Heathfield all of the attendees shared their knowledge and said they are ready to support others who want to take the step towards cleaner air. That includes offering up their own charge points for ‘peer to peer’ charging,  Carchargo is an example of this.

Organiser Susie Frank explains: “Heathfield is a rural market town with no public transport links to speak of apart from the odd bus to Uckfield. It therefore relies heavily on 4×4 cars as the car of choice – the car is king.”

Susie says that the initial layout can seem daunting but pay back can be within 18 months through fuel cost savings, no road tax, benefits for businesses and minimal maintenance as there is nothing to go wrong.

Eighteen interested locals turned up to the meeting held at Cuculo Deli on the high street to discuss how they might persuade the council to install a charge point in Heathfield and to encourage others to take the next step towards driving an electric vehicle (EV).

Susie went on to say: “We want to encourage Wealden Council to support an infrastructure within our rural community and we have the perfect trial area to make this work.  Charge points at Coop car park or at Waitrose would work. They need to be where people go and not a destination.”

Ruth from TN21 Environmental Awareness Group is keen to share ideas and asked people to imagine a wind farm to provide the energy for electric vehicles. She said that everyone wants cleaner air as it becomes increasingly clear that diesel fumes health effects.

Others were asking at the meeting how to get a chargepoint if they do not have their own off-street parking. Sharing chargers and mapping where local ones are with Apps are helpful members said. Group members added they have seen chargepoint installed for as little as £249 in Wales. In Kensington, London, Ubitricity are charging from lampposts in the street to homes all over the borough as London embraces cleaner air.

For more information you can join the Heathfield Ev Facebook Group.