Last minute, safe ideas for Mother’s Day

21st March

During a time of crisis we can easily lose focus on the nice things in life like celebrating birthdays and special events. But these should not be forgotten.

We may not be able to celebrate with get togethers or meals out, but we can arrange deliveries, send cards and phone our loved ones. It’s a difficult time for everyone – the givers and the recipients.

Inside the Flower Workshop

Unfortunately all the special events that Members had planned for tomorrow have been cancelled but many have rallied and have quickly launched delivery or take away services. Not only are they helping to keep us fed, but they are finding new ways to generate income and make use of their supplies.

The Flower Workshop in Heathfield stocks a wide selection of gifts, houseplants, potted plants, beautiful pots and cut flowers and will deliver.

Thorpe Gardens in Horam has hundreds of beautiful plants, trees and shrubs, as well as seeds and pots. They will deliver anything you want including compost.

Most of the area’s restaurants are now delivering either cooked or frozen meals including The Middle House Mayfield, The Wheel in Burwash. Cuculo and Dough Mikey Pizza are offering deliveries on Thursdays. See our special offers page.

Even hairdressers like Sister Styling are offering to deliver lovely gift baskets with hair products.

The best advice we’ve heard is to adjust your behaviour and assume you already have the virus – being incredibly careful with anything and anyone you come in contact with and avoid any unnecessary contact, particularly with vulnerable people.