Local businesses get creative in a crisis

23rd March

No one can have missed the unprecedented distruption to everyday life wrought by the Corona Virus as it causes schools to be shut, events to be cancelled, pubs and restaurants and many shops closed, and daily life as we know it to cease. Living in a rural community brings us benefits like fresh air and the opportunity to get out and about without having to get into close contact with other people. With public transport almost non existent we have already become used to using cars to get around without the need to rub shoulders with others; negating communal transport issues that those in cities have to deal with.

However, unlike cities we don’t have a vast array of delivery services, nearby shops and infrastructure. This poses challenges for both businesses and their customers, especially those self isolating and the elderly. Thankfully, we can report that has all changed with resourceful local businesses diversifying their services to come up with creative ideas to meet the needs of their customers. All the supermarkets and chemists are still open and here are a few services that will be available from smaller retailers:

The Wheel Inn in Burwash Weald – are offering delivery on its menu (check Facebook). It will then be served daily 12-3/6-9. No minimum order as long as there is one main course. Kids options smaller at 1/2 price. Order on 01435 882299

Over 70s meal service – also offered by The Wheel. They will be offering the following service for all over 70s who are currently self isolation or simply unable to get out and get groceries -14 hot meals one delivered at 12 and one at 6 a week for £50. We will also deliver 2l of milk once a week and a load of bread as part of this offer. There will be a choice. Might be really handy for someone you know. For more information contact Sam on 07566238120.

Cuculo on Heathfield High St will be closed for a deep clean this week and then open Saturday 28 March. Pizza and wine delivery is continuing to run Thursday and Friday. You can phone in grocery orders orders for collection or delivery any time. Call 07743899338 or 01435 862596

The Healthfood Healthstore is planning on staying open and can arrange deliver for at risk customers who are self isolating . Call 01435 866532

Jasons Fruit & Veg – Delivery Service – 07918779496

Tottingworth Farm – Delivery Service – 01435 862425

Sussex by the Sea – Fishmongers – Delivery Service – 01435 817724

The Middle House – Delivery Service 01435 872 146 email info@mhmayfield.co.uk

Patisserie Valentin – Bread deliveries – 01435 863487

Old Orchard Nursery cafe – food and ready meals delivery 07969778985

The Pet Food Shop – 01435864652 Delivery Service for your pet food needs

Many shops are very busy and were not picking up their phones when we did a ring round so we can’t be sure about the others. Check businesses Facebook Pages for updates and contact information.

Thank you everyone who gave us information to help create this list.