New tuition service for Primary School children

26th November

Lockdown has had a significant impact across all years of schooling, but no more so than at Primary School level, as young children find it much more difficult to concentrate and struggle with online teaching.

According to the BBC news and Ofsted, children are roughly 3 months behind where they should be, with 44% of pupils in need of intensive catch up support. The NFER (National Foundation of Educational Research) also found the following: ‘Nearly all teachers (98 per cent) reported that their pupils were behind. On average, teachers estimated that their pupils were around three months behind where they would normally expect them to be’.

Hayley Simpson of Simpson Tuition

“Parents are looking at options for support right now. This is one of the reasons I set up Simpson Tuition – a private company which can help your children succeed in Primary years. As an experienced Primary School Teacher, I provide specific support for Maths and English.” explained Hayley Simpson, founder of Simpson Tuition, Heathfield, East Sussex

Simpson tuition can help children to catch up, reach National expectations and excel. But is not just a business for helping children during the pandemic, but it is also to assist all Primary pupils with their academic attainment. Children are taught in small groups of 3 from their own unique starting point, after an initial assessment has been carried out for free. The focus is on Maths and English, where children are taught by an experienced qualified teacher of 22 years, Hayley Simpson, who has also been in leadership of a local Primary school for nearly 8 years as a Head of School and Acting Headteacher. She has an excellent knowledge of the curriculum and the key milestones children need to get to by the end of year 6. Weekly support sessions can be booked on an agreed slot after school during term time.

There has also been an increase in home schooling and for those children, Simpson Tuition can also assist you to educate your children in English and Maths. Parents can be confident in the knowledge that children are being taught by an experienced, qualified teacher. Sessions are available during the day and throughout the week, to support parents and carers with this.

Hayley went on to say:

“It is vital that children achieve what they are capable of so that they can go on and fly in Secondary school and beyond. GCSE predictions and pathways are based on the assessments and test results that children achieve at the end of year 6 in Primary school, putting children in to ability groups as a result. Simpson Tuition can help your child to do the best they possibly can, make National expectations or exceed, opening up a brighter future.”

You can unlock the potential in your child by visiting to find out more details and to get in touch email